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The green jersey is worn by the one who wins the most sprints.

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Q: Is there a green jersey in the tour de france?
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Who won the green jersey in the 2011 Tour de France?

Mark Cavendish

Are there any other jersey for the tour de France?

Yellow, green, polka dot..?

What does the purple jersey mean in Tour de France?

There is no official purple jersey in the Tour de France. You might have seen a team jersey in that colour.

What colour does the best sprinter wear in the tour de france?

The best sprinter gets a green jersey.

What does the rainbow jersey mean tour de france?

There is no official rainbow jersey in le tour de france. If you've seen one, it was probably a team jersey with that design.

Who has won the Tour de France green jersey the most?

Erik Zabel won six green jerseys in a row: from 1996 to 2001.

What patterned jersey does the best climber wear on tour?

giro d'italia = green vuelta a espana = was green, now polka dot tour of California = red tour down under = white and green tour de France = polka dot

What was introducted in the tour de France in 1919?

The yellow jersey

Tour de France cyclist who wore all three jerseys yellow green and polka dot jersey?

Eddie Merckx

Which tour jersey did cadel evans wear at the finishing podium of the 2008 tour de France?

He just wore his normal team jersey. He was 2nd Overall, 14th in the Green Jersey competition and 16th in the King of the Mountains classification.

What does the green S mean on Tour de France mountain climb profils?

I believe it is the check point for the sprinter compitition. The leading sprinter wears a green jersey.

Who is the winner of the green jersey for the tour de France 2010?

PETACCHI Alessandro (ITA), #208, team LAMPRE - FARNESE (LAM), 243 Pts