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Q: Tour de France cyclist who wore all three jerseys yellow green and polka dot jersey?
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How many yellow Jerseys has lance Armstrong won?

7 yellow jerseys in the Tour De France. The actual number is 83. The yellow jersey is givin to the leader of the race after each stage. Lance has won the tour de Frace race 7 times.

What are the colours of the LA kings hockey team?

There jerseys now are just black and white There jerseys in 2006-07 where back and white and purple There jerseys in 1998-99 where black and white There jerseys in 1967-68 where yellow and purple They also have two alternate jersey one is black white and blue and the other jersey is purple and yellow

What 3 prizes available to a cyclist in the tour de France?

There's actually 4.. the white jersey - best young ride by time the polka dot jersey - king of the mountains by hill points the green jersey - leader of the points awarded by sprints the yellow jersey - the rider with the smallest overall time

What is a jersey in cycling?

I take it your talking about the jersey system used in some races to denote achievement or position in the race. In close to all professional and some amateur cycling events, particularly multi-day races, a participant may be eligible to win a jersey which denotes some for form achievement. This system in the three major 'grand tours' in the UCI pro tour, The Tour De France, The Vuelta e' Espana and the Giro d'Italia and generally the jerseys awarded are for cyclists who excel at a particular discipline within the race, for example, sprinting, mountain climbing and the overall position in the race. In more recent decades however, jerseys have been awarded for new categories such as 'best young rider' etc. Effectively, a jersey makes an achievement easily discernable for spectators as well as having a symbolic and traditional significance. In the tour de France, for example, jerseys are awarded for: General Classification-The Race leader- Denoted by a yellow jersey, King of the Mountain-The cyclist who has scored the most points by reaching mountain summits and related objectives- Polka dot Jersey, Best Sprinter-The cyclist who has accumulated the most points in designated sprint objectives- Denoted by a green jersey, Best young rider-The highest cyclist under 25 in the General Classification- Symbolised by a white jersey. Other achievements in races are denoted by subtler symbols, for example, in the Tour De France, the cyclist deemed 'most aggressive' has an inverted number on his jersey. So in a nutshell, a particular type of jersey is awarded to denote achievements in the race, and to discern a symbolic position in the race. I hope that answers your question :)

What is the difference between the green and yellow jerseys in cycle racing?

The green jersey (maillot vert) is given to the leader of the points classification. The yellow jersey (maillot jaune) is worn by the general classification leader.

What is a yellow jersey?

A yellow jersey is the yellow-coloured shirt worn by the leader of a cycling race at a certain time during the Tour de France.

Who won the 2011 Tour de France jerseys?

The yellow jersey was awarded to Australian Cadel Evans. The green jersey was won by Mark Cavendish of Britain (Team Sky), the white was won by Pierre Rolland of France (Team Europcar) , and the polka dot jersey was one by Samuel Sanchez of Spain. The combativity award was given to Jeremy Roy of France, while the American team Garmin Cervelo won the team classification.

What was introducted in the tour de France in 1919?

The yellow jersey

Which race awards a winner the yellow jersey?

The famous race that awards the winner of the race the yellow jersey is the Tour de France. The person with the fastest time to the finish is awarded with the honorable yellow jersey.

What color jersey does the Tour de France rider with the lowest time wear at the end of each day?

Jerseys aren't changed during the stage, so a rider will always finish the stage with the same jersey that he started the stage with.The rider with shortest overall time after finishing the stage will get to wear the yellow jersey the next day.

Who wears the yellow jersey on the opening day of the Tour De France?

Last year's Winner gets to start in the yellow jersey, if he is doing the race.

Who won the 2011 tour de France yellow jersey?

Originally, Alberto Contador was awarded the yellow jersey in 2011, but it was taken away due to him doping in the race. The yellow jersey was then given to runner up Andy Schleck.