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Yes, because in lane 1 from the very beginning is 1 mile exactly, 4 times around the track that is. While if you ran the whole thing in lane 8, 4x around the track, you'd just be running even further.

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Q: Is there a difference in mileage inlane 1 versus lane 8?
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Difference between lane and line?

lane means lane and line means line

What is the difference in distance between lane 1 of a 400 meter track and lane 8 of a 400 meter track?

Using a 1.25m lane width, the difference is 54.97mHandy calculator...

Difference between road lane and line?

The difference between a road lane and a line is the direction of travel on the roadway. In a road lane situation, there are usually two lanes divided by a white dotted line, traveling in the same direction. If there is a center line, (yellow solid or yellow dotted) the direction of travel is one lane each way.

What is the difference between a shared left turn lane and a left turn lane?

A shared left lane is used to turn left by both directions of traffic. A regular left lane is only used by one direction flow of traffic

What is the difference between lane and road?

a lane is normally very small and a road is normally very long and mre likely to have many shops/building

What is the difference in distance between the inside lane and outside lane on track for track and field?

The length of a 400-meter track is actually measured along a "measuring line" that is located in lane 1. The measuring line is exactly 400 meters. The actual location of the measuring is based upon whether there is a raised curb on the inside of track, or not. Go to NCAA.ORG for the specific measurement to the lane. It's approxiamtely 30 from the outside edge of the interior lane 1 line (which is 2-inches wide) for raised curbs, and approximately 20 cm from the outside edge of the interior lane 1 line for no curbs at all.

Whose falut is it when a 18 wheeler in the left lane hits a car in the right lane for the side or back?

Need more details in order to make an assessment of this. If a vehicle in one lane made contact with a vehicle in the other lane, then one of those vehicles obviously left their lane. Which one it was will make a significant difference here.Also: Were you trying to pass the semi on the right?

If the inside lane of a 400 meter running track is 100 meters what would be the measurement of the outside lane on a six lane track?

It would be the same because they line you up further ahead the more outside you get in the starting line to make up for the difference.

What is the difference between a road and a lane?

you know a road ,it has sometimes has some white lines that split the lanes equily

What is difference between Sea Line Of Communication and international shipping lane?

i don't know can somebody explain me please

What should be the lead distance of a person running in a curved outer track than the inner one?

It depends on many things, from track size to difference in starting lane and the event. for example in the 800m run the racers can break to lane one after either 100m or after 300m. usually the 100m lead differential between say lane 3 to lane 4 is about 4 meters, lane 5 would be 8, 6 would be 12...etc.

What lane is officially the outside lane?

the fast lane is the outside lane