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If you think you'll ever be riding it on the road, then having a front brake is a sensible thing. If you only are going to use it for sport and trick riding in a fenced-off area, then you can do without one if you're a good enough rider.

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15y ago
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Depends on where you intend to ride. Most places require at least one brake for bikes that are ridden in traffic/on public roads. But if you're only going to be riding in skate parks and similar, then there's no law about brakes.

Thing is, there aren't that many who would be able to ride only in the skate parks, most would also be riding to and from the skate park.

And with a bit of bad luck, those transport rides can get them in trouble.

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14y ago

Alot of people say brakes are for fakes, but they are nice to have every once and a while. I would probably be dead 5 times over if i didn't use brakes, it depends what you are doing either street or dirt tracks. It is better to have brakes on street.

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Depends on where you intend to ride. If you ever take your bike onto streets where there is other traffic removing brakes is a really bad idea. But if you only ride in skate/bike parks then it's not so bad. My recommendation would be to keep them on.

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Q: Is it better to have brakes on a bmx bike?
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