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Q: Is cycling 35 miles per week healthy?
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What is the aveage miles driven per week?

230 miles per week

What is 2577.89 feet per second in miles per week?

2,577.89 feet per second = 295,285.582 miles per week.

If josh jogs an average of 8 miles per week for three weeks how many miles will he need to jog during the fourth week to bring his four week average to 10 miles per week?

2 miles

What is a cycling pace chart?

A cycling pace chart is a chart that illustrates how long it will take to complete a race depending on miles per hour traveled and total distance in miles as well as kilometers.

Is driving 70 miles per week considered good?

I think driving 70 miles per week is low average

How much money for car gas per week?

Depends on what the gas price is on the sign and how many miles/gallons you get, and how many miles that you driver per week.

Jean runs 3.5 miles per week while janell runs 13.3 miles per week janell runs how many times the number of miles that jean runs?

3.8 times

What time will it take for a cyclist to ride 45 miles if he is cycling at a rate of 15 miles per hour?

Time = Distance/Speed = 45m/15mph = 3 hours.

How many grams of fat should you eat per week?

It is healthy to eat 1,500-2,000 per day

What is considered a healthy weight loss per week for a young man?

A healthy weight loss will depend on a number of factors. Initial weight loss could be several pounds a week. Ideally a young man should not lose more than 1 to 2 pounds per week.

If you live 16 miles from work and drive to and from work 5 days a week and the car gets 19.2 miles to the gallon how much gas is used?

You'd be driving 32 miles per day, which is 160 miles per week (using a 5 day work week). 160 miles divided by 19.2 mpg = 8.33 gallons used.

How many pounds a week is considered healthy fat loss?

Usually, the best estimate for healthy pounds lost per week is usually 2-5 pounds and that can be done with organic dieting.