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No Cheerleading is way harder and you learn many diffrent skills that involves cheering,dancing, tumbling and stunts. Gymnastic invovles Vault, Beam, and Floor and in cheerleading compettions worlds and many more :)


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Q: Is cheerlaeding harder than gymnastics
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Is ballet harder than gymnastics?

Well, ballet and gymnastics are actually quite alike so the answer is no.

Is gymnastics harder then football?

im a girl and do gymnastics i think football is so much harder than gymnastics.

Is gymnastics harder than free running?

Yes, Gymnastics is harder than free running because you have to flip and back flip and do uneven bar's. So yes it is harder.

What is harder dance or gymnastics?


What is harder then gymnastics?

believe me, nothing is harder.

Is gymnastics from the 1900s harder than gymnastics today?

Gymnastics from the 1900's wasn't any more difficult than gymnastics today, however today there are far more safety measures in place. In the past there wasn't as much information about proper health and training techniques either.

Do you have any rhetorical statements?

Gymnastics is a harder sport than football. It's your own definition of something.

How old was Miley Cyrus when she did cheerlaeding?

she was 13

Can tall people do gymnastics?

yes but its harder

Do you have to do gymnastics when you are little?

Not at all. However, the older you get, the harder it is

Is cheerleading harder than gymnastics?

Gymnastics and Cheerleading are much alike in ways but Gymnastics is way harder Gymnast do tumble and do flips on the ground but they also do it 6 feet in the air on a 4 inch beam! Gymnastics gets judged on skills and if you don't do them perfect, that's just to bad. Most sports have an hour or longer to do there sport or a certain amount of tries, but gymnastics gets only one.

Can you go cheerlaeding in riverbank state park?

hell yea