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No, they are quite different though are similar in some ways.

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Q: Is ballet the same as gymnastics?
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Is ballet harder than gymnastics?

Well, ballet and gymnastics are actually quite alike so the answer is no.

How is ballet simular to gymnastics?

You have to be really bendy to do ballet

How is ballet similar to gymnastics?


Which is more popular gymnastics or ballet?


What activities use balance?

gymnastics, ballet

What are some examples of flexibilty?

Gymnastics, Ballet

Do you take gymnastics and ballet for dance?

i do, yes

What is different about gymnastics and ballet?

Gymnastics is classified as a sport, but ballet is an art. Gymnastics is all about flexibility, strength and one's ability to do set moves and exercises. Ballet also needs the flexibility and strength, but is also about performance and musicality. In ballet you have to have a straight back, delicate-looking, gentle arms and turn your legs out all the time, but in gymnastics, one arches your back and your arms and hands become more 'spiky'. Ballet is not an intentionally competitive art, whereas gymnastics is all about the competitions and winning.

Is it bad for you if you do ballet and gymnastics?

No because ballet is very good for gymnasts. It improves their balance and agility.

Do you use ballet in gymnastics?

Some gymnastic moves are derived from ballet, yes. {e.g. A 'split leap' is called a 'grand jeté' in ballet}

Can you wear a black ballet leotard for gymnastics training?

yes you can

What is Chinese dance?

it is a dance that teaches us the culture of Chinese. We also learnt to be flexible. Chinese dance is also something like ballet and gymnastics. SEE ALSO GYMNASTICS OR BALLET. by faith