Is White dot a good bowling ball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It is a good bowlign ball if you need to pick up your spares. This ball is only meant to go straight but if u can throw the ball slow enough and add ALOT of r evs you can get it to hook.

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Yes I think it is.

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Q: Is White dot a good bowling ball?
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What does a red dot mean on a bowling ball?

the colored dot on a bowling ball is called the PIN. it is placed where the top of the core or weight block is.

What kind of bowling ball for beginners?

Ask for a Columbia 300 white dot is the best. Their are many other straight balls but that's the best for the price

Where would one shop for an Ebonite bowling ball?

One would shop for an Ebonite bowling ball when one goes to the official website of Ebonite. One can also purchase the item at other sites like bowlingball dot com, bowlersdream dot com, etc.

What does the colour dot o a squash ball mean?

There are serveral different colours. A yellow dot is much slower then a blue dot. A double yellow dot is used in professional games. * yellow dot: Extra slow * white dot: Slow * Red dot: Medium * Blue dot: Fast

Why is a dot ball called a dot ball?

In the traditional scoring system, a dot was used to indicate a ball whereby no run has been scored.

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peace and love and alyson every good (white) contains some evil (black dot), while every evil (black) contains some good (white dot).

What happens when you get all 7 Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball z for GameCube?

you go to a white dot and make a wish.

How do you beat factory ball 2 level 23?

First, dip in white. Then put on the dot thing. Next, dip in black. Take off the dot thing. Put on the hat. Then, dip in black. Next, take off the hat. Put the dot thing on. Dip in white. Finally, take the dot thing off and there you go you are set.

What sport uses a double dot ball?

There is a "double-yellow dot" ball currently used in the sport of squash.

What hair accessories look good with polka dot red?

Red, white or black NOT PINK!!

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The tile to start with is the one with the white dot. Tiles do not touch the two sides of the tile nearest the white dot (it is on the outside edge of the puzzle). Good luck.

What does a DOT ball mean in cricket?

It means no run was scored from a particular delivery.The term originates from cricket scoring notation, where instead of a number when runs are scored, a small dot would be written instead to indicate that delivery resulted in no run.