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Two shot penalty.

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Q: In foursomes alternative shot what is the penalty for using your team mates club if they have put the first drive out of bounds?
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What is a scotch play in golf?

Scotch Foursomes, also known as Greensomes, is a competition format for 2-person teams that is a variation on standard foursomes. In standard foursomes, the two players on a side - Player A and Player B - play alternate shot on each hole. On tees off, the other hits the second shot, the first hits the third shot, and so on until the ball is holed.In Scotch Foursomes, both players on a side tee off. Players A and B each hit a drive, the better of the two drives is selected, and then A and B play alternate shot until the ball is holed.Who hits the second shot? The player whose drive was not selected. If A's drive is the one the team decides to use, then B plays the second stroke.

Are you allowed to do a pit stop while drive through?

A pit stop cannot be completed whilst doing a drive through as it is a penalty.

Does your second tee shot count in longest drive competition if first tee shot went out of bounds?

No, the rules of a long drive contest are first ball and it must come to rest in the fairway.

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Smacks his drive off the first teeBall splits into two pieces?

You cancel that stroke, and play a new ball, no penalty.

What if you hit a tee marker with your drive?

There are two different answers, if the ball is not in play there is no penalty, and you can replace it. If the ball is in play there is a one shot penalty and you must replace the ball to it's original position, failure to do so results in a two shot penalty in stroke play or loss of hole in matchplay. What determines if the ball is in play? The ball is in play once a stroke has been made hitting the ball, so essentially on each hole, once you've hit the ball off the teeing ground, the ball is in play.

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