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Any bike can be turned into a fixie, at varying degrees of difficulty. But if the rear wheel can be moved back & forth to adjust chain tension it'll be so much easier.

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Q: If a bike has semi-horizontal dropouts can it be turn into a fixie?
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How can I turn my vintage road bike into a fixie?

If it truly is a vintage bike - don't. Whatever value it has will disappear when you hack it up. But If you insist: Start with finding out what kind of dropouts you have. Only bikes with (semi) horizontal rear dropouts are good fixie candidates. Next check your rear OLD - Over Locknut Distance. Basically the width of your rear hub, the distance between the rear dropouts. Then go shopping for a fixie rear wheel with the same OLD. Install fixie wheel. Check what your chainline looks like. If you have a double crank, you might get a better (=more parallel with the plane of the frame) If you use the inner chainring. If that doesn't give a tall enough gear you might have to shift the rings around. Or swap to a Single-Speed crankset and a shorter Bottom Bracket. Once happy with that, fit chain and ride.

Do normal rear bicycle wheels work with fixies?

Depends entirely on what you think of as a "normal" bicycle wheel. An externally geared wheel is unlikely to work very well, as it has a longer axle and will require a wider dropout spacing than a fixie wheel. On top of that you might get into chainline and gear ratio issues, not to mention that the fixie chain might not sit comfortably on multi-gear sprockets. If you get the urge to turn the fixie into a geared bike, there are a bunch of brackets and attachments that your frame will be missing which will have to be sorted out. A wheel with internal gears is more like to fit both dropout width and chain width, but again using those gears will require some work. Replacing a fixie wheel with a single-speed wheel is usually easily doable, they tend to be a direct fit.

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