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A good rule of thumb for a driver is to have the equator of the ball at the top of the clubface. If you have a modern "Volkswagen on a stick" driver you will need 3" tees or longer. Fairway woods might be a little lower, long irons lower still, and by the time you get to mid- to short irons, just give yourself a good lie.

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Q: How to choose which tee height to use for tee off?
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What is beer can golf?

To tee off, rather than setting the ball on a tee use a beer can

Can one use a tee after one tees off?

After you have hit your tee shot, the next time you can tee up a ball is the next hole, unless you need to hit a provisional tee shot.

Height of college kick off tee?

Through the high school level, kickers are allowed to use a one or two inch elevated kickoff tee. At the college and professional level, kickers may use a one inch kicking tee. (Similarly, high school kickers may use a one or two inch elevated placement block for extra point and field goal attempts, while at the college and professional levels no block of any kind is permitted.)

Are you required to use a tee on the tee blocks?


Where can a golf tee be used?

No, you can only use a tee for a tee shot, which is a shot which is taken from the designated teeing area. The teeing area is defined by the two tee markers. You can not use a tee anywhere but the teeing area. If you do you are deemed to have improved your lie, which carries a two shot penalty.

Do you have to hit the golf ball off the tee in a real golf game?

No, you do not HAVE to use a tee. On par 3's some players play off the turf if they are hitting short irons. But on longer holes where you have to hit a driver or 3 wood it is highly recommended you use a tee so hit the sweet spot with the proper angle of approach. As Jack Nicklaus once said, you don't often get the chance to tee the ball up, so take it when you do.

Do you have to use a golf tee every time you tee off or can you just play from the ground?

You do need to T-off and it's only when you first start. The first stroke on each hole is done from the Tee (officially, teeing ground), where the player can use a tee (a small wooden or plastic peg) to put his ball on, which makes the tee shot easier. After teeing off, a player hits the ball again from the position at which it came to rest, either from the fairway (where the grass is cut so low that most balls can be easily played) or from the rough (grass cut much longer than fairway grass, or which may be uncut) towards the putting green.

Does a high school kicker use a kicking tee for field goals?

A kicker in high school is allowed the use of the standard 1in. kicking tee. It will help give the kicker the height he needs for the points to be good. But in college and the NFL, tees can't be used, so a high school kicker will have to adapt to the change.

What is the wood used to hit the ball off the tee?

The main one would obviously be the driver. But you can use any wood off the tee. 3 woods are favoured when the player may run out of room with the driver or there is a very tight driving hole.

What are the limitations to teeing a golf ball?

You have to use a tee which has been approved for play by the R&A and USGA. So you couldn't tee it up on a beer can. If you use a tee approved for play you can do it up as high or as low as you want.

Do college kickers use a tee?


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