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The main one would obviously be the driver. But you can use any wood off the tee. 3 woods are favoured when the player may run out of room with the driver or there is a very tight driving hole.

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it depends on what course your on, i would recommend a driver

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Q: What is the wood used to hit the ball off the tee?
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How do you hit down on the golf ball when hitting irons and hybrids?

You will see when the pros hit their irons and wedges that a big divot flies up after it, this is because they are hitting down on the ball. You basically need to hit down on an iron and hybrid if you want to hit the sweet spot. The best thing to do, is imagine you are mashing the ball into the ground at impact, this will give a really nice compression and the ball will fly off with a strong penetrating flight. You will notice that when you are hitting a driver or fairway wood you are essentially sweeping the ball off the tee, as this is how to best hit these clubs. When you are hitting a driver or three wood, you will always put the ball forward in your stance, encouraging the sweep. It is worth noting, that you don't have to hit down on hybrids, some players hit these like they are fairway woods, as they can be used effectively off the front foot or in the center of the stance. Not all players hit down on the ball, players like Tom Watson sweep their iron shots off the ground, with fantastic results.

Is there any chance of stumped out in free hit ball?

A batsman can only be run out off a free hit ball.

How much farther will a ball go after being hit by a metal bat as opposed to a wood bat?

Studies have shown that the speed the ball travels after being hit by a metal bat is 3 to 8 miles per hour faster than a wood bat. This would translate to a ball hit for a home run travelling 20 to 50 feet further off a metal bat as opposed to a wood bat. Click on the 'Metal Bat vs Wood Bat' link on this page to read a very interesting article about these studies that were performed on the two different types of bats.

What is inside a baseball bat?

A "Baseball Bat," it used in a sport called, Baseball. What it is, is either a wooden, or aluminum bat, ranging from 20" -sometimes 40". It is used to hit the ball that is pitched down the plate, you swing it with your arms, and the ball will bounce of the bat. There are rules though. If you end up putting a cork in your bat, (which makes the ball bounce off the bat harder) and if they find out, you could get suspended, or even kicked out of the Baseball league.

Which baseball bat will make the ball go the farthest a wooden bat or an Aluminum bat?

AnswerAluminum definitely. Compared to wood, metal is able to more easily compress then regain it's shape. This trampoline effect is what causes the ball to come off the bat more quickly.

Can you clean club off in hazard after you hit ball?


Can a batsman be stumped out on a no ball in Cricket?

You can't be stumped off a no-ball, but you can be run out, be out obstructing the field, handled the ball, and hit the ball twice. A batsman can be stumped if he steps out of the crease to take a ball, misses it, and the wicket keeper catches it and removes the bails of the wicket before the batsman or his bat re-enters the crease exception is no bAll.

If im hitting your ball and your partner is on green and you hit his ball and it goes in hole does that count as a birdy for him?

If you are off the green, and your partner's ball is on the green, you pitch on and you hit theirs and yours goes in it is counted as holed and they must replace their ball to where it was before you hit it. If you hit on and hit their ball and that goes in the hole, you play yours as it lies and you must replace their ball. If you are on the green and hit their ball it is a two shot penalty, or loss of hole in matchplay.

What happens if you hit the tennis ball with your shoulder and it bounces in?

its their point because you failed to hit the ball with the racket, however if u hit the ball and it bounces off one of the posts keeping the net up and it goes in its your point since you hit the ball with your racket and it went basically over the net

How young can you be to play t-ball?

Whenever you're old enough to hit the ball off the stand and run.

Do you have to hit the golf ball off the tee in a real golf game?

No, you do not HAVE to use a tee. On par 3's some players play off the turf if they are hitting short irons. But on longer holes where you have to hit a driver or 3 wood it is highly recommended you use a tee so hit the sweet spot with the proper angle of approach. As Jack Nicklaus once said, you don't often get the chance to tee the ball up, so take it when you do.

What bat hits further aluminium or composite?

Composite bats tend to hit the ball further compared to aluminum bats due to their construction that allows for more flex and trampoline effect upon contact with the ball. This extra flex provides a higher exit velocity, which results in longer hits on average.