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$1,451,830 for First Place

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Q: How much prize money did Darren clarke get for winning the open?
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How much prize money for winning the spl?


What is the prize money for winning the npower championship?


How much prize money for winning the scottish cup?

The prize money for winning the Scottish Cup varies each year depending on sponsorship and other financial factors. However, in recent seasons, the winning team has received around £300,000 in prize money.

What is the biggest prize money in F1?

Money isn't the biggest prize in formula one. People drive for fame and name and not mere money. The biggest prize for drivers is winning the drivers world championship and similarly the biggest prize for the constructors (car manufacturers) is winning the constructors championship.

How much is the prize money for winning the champions league?


Does great Britain pay prize money to winning athletes at the olympics?


What is the prize for winning the Indy 500?

a special trophy and some money

A reward for winning a game?

Although, there is no official estimate of their winning money, Uefa CL winners usually win around 40-50m in prize money. For ex - Chelsea won 47.7m pounds in prize money in 2012.

What did Martin Luther King Jr do with the prize money from winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

He gave it to the president to let him have a holiday.

How much did Chelsea have in champions league 2012?

I think you mean their prize money. Chelsea made approximately 46m in prize money after winning champions league.

What is the prize for the World Cup?

No, it is quite unlikely they will receive any money. The teams sponsors MAY pay a bonus to the players or team for winning but otherwise the honour of winning the World Cup is worth more then money.

What is the amount of money if you win at the Olympics?

Athletes are not given prize money for winning gold, silver or bronze etc. at an event.