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The cash prize for 2nd place in the the
British Open Golf is £675,000.

This is equal to $886,798 US dollars.

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Q: How much money does 2nd place get in British open?
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What is first place money for the British open?

First prize money for the 2015 British Open is $1,805,500

How much money do you you win for winning PGA championship?

British open

How much money does the second place winner of the US Open open win?

2nd place wins 700,000 dollars.

How much money does first place pay for the US Open tennis?


How much prize money did Darren clarke get for winning the open?

$1,451,830 for First Place

How much money second place winner get in women U.S. open tennis championship?


Who was top British finisher in the 2006 British Open?

Anthony Wall was the top British finisher in the 2006 Open, 10 strokes behind winner Tiger Woods in a tie for 11th place.

How much 2nd prize money in US Open golf?

1.25 million

At which golf coarse did 2002 british open golf tuornoment take place?


What is the cash prize for second place in the British Open?

Tom Watson won £450,000.

How much money does the third place winner gets in the us open golf?

It depends on the purse for that year, but usally just short of $1 million

How much does the british open pay?

Stewart Cink got £750,000.