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The regulation weight is 8 lbs, but some girls prefer throwing a 12 lb shot.

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From high school through Olympics and college, the women's shot put is 4 kilogram, approximately 8.8 lb.

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16 pounds

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Q: How much does women's college shot put weigh?
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How much does 1 shot of grease weigh?

The weight of a shot of grease can vary depending on the type of grease and how much is dispensed in a shot. On average, a shot of grease may weigh around 1 to 2 ounces.

How much does a womens shot-put weigh?

At what level/age? In many states in the US, girls middle school uses a 6 lb shot put, beginning in the 9th grade, girls us a 4 kilo or 8.8 lb, and that weight goes all the way through to the Olympics.

How much does a man's shot putt weigh?

7.26kg or 16lbs.

How much does a shot weigh?

Shot put weights are 8, 12, and 16 lbs. The 8 lb shot is typically used by women and junior highers. The 12 lb shot is used by women who want to be challenged and high school men. Skilled high school men and college men use the 16 lb shot.

How much does a 55 Gal. drum of lead shot weigh?

55 gallons?

How much does a mens shot put weigh?

16 lbs.

How long is the womens NCAA shot clock?

30 seconds

How much does the women's shot put weigh for professionals?

12 pounds for olympic standard.

How much does a girl's high school shot weigh?

8.8 pounds / 4 K

How much does a men's shot put weigh in kilograms?


How much does a girls middle school shot put weigh?

8 pounds

Who holds the Womens shot put world record?

Natalia Lisovskaya