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Dayron Robles takes 7 steps to the first hurdle. You can tell because he has a left lead leg and starts in blocks with his left foot forward, meaning his seventh step will be with his right, the leg he takes off with, making his left leg his lead leg.

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Q: How many steps does Dayron Robles take to the first hurdle?
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How many hurdles in 200 meter hurdle race?

Assuming you are talking about an above high school or college male athlete, there is typically 8 steps to the first hurdle and 3 steps in between each of the remaining 4 hurdles. The runout after the last hurdle will depend but likely 4-5 steps. The total is 24-25 steps.

How many steps does a 400m hurdler take between each hurdle?

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What is the distance between hurdles in a 100m sprint?

The hurdles in a 100 Meter hurdle race are 8.5 meters apart. That is slightly less than the 9.19 meters/10 yards of the men's 110 or 120 yard hurdle race. The distance to the first hurdle is 13 meters and the distance from the last hurdle to the finish is 10.5 meters. All the distances on hurdle spacing are available at:

How many flights of hurdles are there in lane in 100 M hurdles?

There are exactly 10 hurdles in the 100m women's! roughly 8 steps to the first hurdle from the starting point, and 3-5 steps in between each hurdle, depending on if you're in junior varsity or varsity (from a high school POV)

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The way I used to run this race was: 1. Explode out of the blocks: Make like that starter guy is trying to shoot you. 2. Be the first to the hurdles, take about 7-8 steps: This may sound like a cliche, but if you get to the hurdles first, you are probably going to win. 3. "Knee up, foot down": These 4 words will change the way you run the hurdles. If you lead with your knee instead of your foot, then your foot will follow. Try it, it works. And push your knee down after you clear the hurdle to get the lead foot down as fast as possible. 4. Sprint between the hurdles: You can't win if you don't sprint. 5. 3 step the hurdles: As soon as possible, learn the 3-step. If you don't, you will most certainly come in last place. 6. Finish strong: You have about 6-8 steps until the finish line from the last hurdle. Don't cop out. 7. Tape yourself: The best way to troubleshoot what went wrong in a race is to tape yourself and watch what you are doing wrong. If you have anything to add, feel free! Remember that you are supposed to only take 43 steps the whole race. 7 to the first hurdle, 3 in between the 10 hurdles and 6 to finish = 43 steps

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