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Bowling 12 strikes in a row, which would be the equivalent of 120 physical pins, would score to be a 300.

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Q: How many pins would I have to knock down to get a perfect score of 300?
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How many bowling pins do you need to knock down to get a strike?

The minimum number of pins you would need to knock down to get a 260 would be 97: nine strikes in a row, followed by a 6-1 in the tenth frame. Obviously, it's not the number of total pins that matter, but the number of strikes in a row; it's possible to knock down the same 97 pins and yet only score a 97 game.

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Is ten pin bowling the same as regular bowling?

Because the pins are shorter, squatter, and lighter than that of the tenpin. The bowling ball is also a lot smaller and there are no finger holes (similar to that of candlestick bowling). Scoring is more difficult because there is less control.The pins are arranged the same way as tenpin bowling. However you have 3 shots per frame to knock down all the pins. A strike is made when all the pins are knocked down on the first roll. A spare is made when all the pins are knocked down in two rolls. If it takes all three shots to knock down the pins, then you get a score of ten but no bonus.Scoring works the same as in tenpin bowling and a perfect game is still 300. As of 2008 a perfect score has still not been recorded.

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What is the highest possible score you could get in a game of bowling without throwing at least one strike?

189 ... the bowler would get nine pins on every first ball and make each spare. The fill ball in the tenth frame would also knock down nine pins.

How many strikes do you need to get a perfect score in duckpin bowling?

A strike is worth 10 points plus the number of pins you knock down with the next two deliveries. A strike that is followed by 2 more strikes is worth 30 points. A strike that is followed by a spare is worth 20 points. a strike that is followed by another strike and then 8 pins is worth 28 points. A strike that is followed by 4 pins and then 3 pins is worth 17 points.

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