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This depends on the intensity and type of exercise as well as the level of difficulty. For example 10 minutes on a treadmill might use 250 calories for one person while another would only burn 140 because they where incapable of using a more difficult setting. Also 10 minutes on a cross trainer may burn 200 Calories as it uses different muscles.

It is therefore impossible to give a answer to the above question as the number of calories burnt depends on more than just length of exercise.

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No way of telling, it depends heavily on how hard you you ride.

Me, I'd use maybe 600 calories in 45 minutes, but I ride hard and is quite a bit heavier.

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Q: How many calories did you burn if you are 100 pounds and you were riding your bike for 45 mintues?
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How long would it take to burn off 170 calories riding an eliptical bike?

This is based on someone weighing 150 Pounds. Riding and Elliptical Bike at 12-14 Km/H for 17Mins will burn roughly 168 calories.

How many calories do you burn riding a bike for 12 miles in 55 minutes?

i believe the average for riding 12 mph in an hour is 550 calories but it depends on the person and type of riding

How many calories are burned from bike riding 6.5 miles?

It depends on the speed gone, the kind of bike ridden, and the weight of the person riding. However, on average, approximately 36 calories per mile are burned. Therefore, about 560 calories would be burned.

How many lbs do you lose when riding a bike 10 miles?

about 3 pounds

Would you burn more calories riding a steel bike or aluminum?

If the bicycles are otherwise comparable, you'll burn the same amount of calories. If the steel bike is heavier, you'll burn a few more calories on that one.

Do you burn more calories running a mile or ridding your bike for a mile?

Riding a bike because your legs are doing more work then running.

What should you keep the level on to burn more calories on a bike?

To burn the most calories while riding a bike, you want to put it into the gear that has the most resistance, so you have to work the hardest to pedal.

Calories burnt on 50 mile bike ride?

depends a lot on the riding conditions. For me, on road, about 2400.

What fat does bike riding burn off?

Any physical activity burns fat in the same areas, proportional to the total number of calories expended. Bike riding will burn fat from the same areas that any activity would.

How do you make your thihgs smaller without running or riding a bike?

Lose weight by eating more sensibly, fewer calories.

How many pound can you lose riding a bike for 30 mins four times a week?

Two pounds

Does riding a bike help flatted stomach?

Riding a bike is good for your cardio and will give you great legs. It may help you gain a flat stomach as well depending on how long you ride and how fast.