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This depends on how quickly you jog or how high you pick your legs up but generally 3-5 calories a minute can be burned this way.

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Around 700-800 calories. However if a person is over 90kg they can burn up to 900 calories.

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Q: How many calories are burned with 1 hr jogging?
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How many calories are burned in 1 hr doing camel racing?


How long do you need to walk to burn calories from a jelly donut?

Well a jelly doughnut will probably be around 400 calories. 1 hr and a half of jogging burns about 500 calories. So probably quite a while of walking. Jogging is the best option :)

How many calories do you burn painting?

288 calories/hr

How many calories does trampolinig reduce in 1 hr?

About 200 to 300 calories.

How many calories should you burn in a day?

200 Calories if you do 1 hr exercise

How might calories might be burned in general aerobics in relation to body weight?

For general aerobics by weight: 130 lbs- 384 cal/hr 155 lbs- 457 cal/hr 180lbs- 531 cal/hr 205lbs- 605 cal/hr

How many calories burned by spinning for an hour?

i have been using a rate rate monitor for years, and at the weight of 150 lbs, my body burns between 500-650 calories/hr of spinning

How many calories does belly dancing burn?

about 250-300 calories/hr depending the the intensity 1 + 42 = 69

How can you get rid of an overweight tummy?

do yoga ... and do jogging daily morning and evenng 1 hr .

What is the term used to describe intensity of activity?

METs or calories/hr are typically used.

How many calories are burned swimming the freestyle for 15 minutes?

There is no metabolic equation for swimmers because every swimmer swims at a different efficiency. The easiest way to do it would be to check your heart rate somewhere towards the end of your 15 minutes. Do a 15-30 second count because your HR drops QUICK after exercise. (Subtract about 12 beats per minute from your heart rate (BPM) because your heart doesnt have to work so hard to return blood when under water and it will mess up the calculation if you dont compensate for this). HR is nearly linear to the amount of oxygen you consume (VO2) so find a reference chart of VO2 vs Heart Rate online and see what your VO2 is at the exercise heart rate, which will be in the units "ml of O2/kg of body weight/min". From that, calculate how many Liters of Oxygen you consumed during the 15 minute swim using your body weight and minutes swimming. Once your have calculated the Liters of Oxygen you consumed you know how many calories you burned because 1 liter of oxygen = 5 calories burned. If you know how to do math, its all right there :) The hardest part is finding the VO2 vs HR chart.

What is a measure rate at which heat flows through it?

conductivity. The answer you need is as follows. Heat energy is measured in Calories or Joules or BTU (British thermal units ). Heat flow Rate is measured using the units called Calories per Hour, or BTU/ Hr, or Joules/Hr