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Im going to guess that this is for guys...

100m- 11.2 sec

110mH- 16 sec

200m- 23 sec

400m- 52 sec

400mH- 60 sec

800m- 2:02

1 mile- 4:50

2 mile- 10:30

These are all estimates and most of them are slower than qualifying but what I would say is average in high school.

For steeplechase my guess is...

2K - 7:30

3K - 11:30

4K - 16:00

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2y ago
Bruh what these are way faster than average. This is like what would easily get you to sectionals. Except the mile and 2 mile, which would get you into a low end sectionals.
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around 3 hours, but it depends on the amount of schools and the number of people participating

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Q: How long does an track meet last?
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