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In Golf you get a stick with metal on the end and try to hit a ball into a hole. You cant throw the ball or kick it (as some basic rules) and there are different clubs for different shots you need to make. Its very frustrating and i do not recommend you take it up.

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Q: How is golf played and what are the basic rules of golf?
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What are the ten basic rules of Golf?

There are more than 10 rules i am afraid, but Play the ball as it lies, Play the course as you find it, If you can not do either, do what is fair, But to do what is fair, you need to know the rules of golf. R and A.

How did golf etiquette become part of the game of golf?

well it is just the rules because you dont want your golf club trashed its just basic commen sence if dats howz u spell it lol!

How many rules were there in the original rules of golf?

13 rules of golf. Please see related link.

What is cading in golf?

A person that carries your bag the amount of holes played. Tell your yardages to specific targets, and gives you advice legally in the Rules of Golf Handbook.

What is an old Scottish game still played todayWith rules Gentlemen only Ladies forbidden?


What are the basic rules of the golf game called Fast Ball?

Some Powerful Golf Swing Tips: 1. One of the most important golf swing tip is to keep your club face square. You need to maintain a consistent golf swing plane in order to keep your club face square. 2. Always fully concentrate your eye on the ball. You need to do these at all times during your swing. Golf is played at a professional level all over the world.The Rules of Golf are very simple 1) Easy to play 2) Concentration is a key element of playing good Golf Golf is an Easy and Interesting game, A few simple flexibility and strength exercises can change your whole golf game. Concentration is the key success of playing Brilliant golf game

Who were the rules of golf created by?

Royal & Ancient Golf Ass'n., U.K.

What are the Rules facilities and equipments used in the game of golf?

The rules of golf including rules on equipment as well as Amateur status are run and maintained by The R&A and USGA.

What has the author Mark Russell written?

Mark Russell has written: 'Golf rules plain & simple' -- subject(s): Rules, Golf

How many golf rules are there?

there are 12 rules in table tennis

What is the basic warranty on the 2013 VW Golf?

The 2013 Volkswagen Golf has a 3 yr./ 36000 mi. basic warranty.

What is the basic warranty on the 2002 Volkswagen Golf?

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