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2400 m per 12 minutes

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Q: How fast do you have to run to run 2400 m in 12 minutes?
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How fast do you have to run in kilometers to run 2.4 kilometers in 12 minutes?

7.46 mph

How fast do you have to run to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes?

Assuming you maintain a constant speed throughout your run, you will need to be running the mile at a pace of 8:00 minutes. So, by dividing 60 minutes by your time of 8 minutes you get 7.5. This means you will have to run a pace of 7.5 mph for 12 minutes to travel 1.5 miles.

How fast are you going if you run 4 miles in 20 minutes?

You are averaging 12 miles per hour.

How fast do you have to run to run 1.5 miles in 10 minutes?

depends on what the average speed is when running it

How fast do you have to run in MPH to run a 5 minute mile?

The person's pace was 6 mph or 10 minutes per mile.

How fast should you run to run a mile and a half in 12 minutes?

Take the distance in miles (1.5) and divide by the time in hours. Since 12 minutes is .2 hours, you would divide 1.5 by .2 to get 7.5 mph.

How long would it to run 1 mile?

It depends on how fast you are running. If you are going at a steady jog then around 12- 14 minutes, but if you are running quite fast then it can take around 6 -7 minutes.

Can you run 12 miles in 90 minutes?

A marathon runner certainly can; that is 1 mile in 7.5 minutes. That is a bit fast for the average person, however, to keep up that pace for 12 miles

How fast do you have to run to do a mile in 12 minutes?

Your average speed must be at least five (5) miles per hour.

How fast children run a mile?

Average mile time for a 12 year old kid is 7 1/2 minutes but the record for a 12 year old is about 4 1/2 minutes

How fast do you have to run to run 2.5km in 12 minutes?

I run 2.5 km run in 12 minutes at about the speed of 15 mph and im 12 years old and today i actually ran a 1/4th a mile in a time of 1min and 27 sec but i play sports like basketball and football and im the fastest kid in my grade but im also very athletic so you should run at an average 10 mph if your really fast but im super fast and i only gave about 75% of my top speed today. ps. hope u liked my answer.

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