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There are a lot of ways, here are two: 1. Week number 1 is a fun week (nothing counts), weeks 2-7 regular 12 team schedule; week 8 is a position round; weeks 9-13 continue regular schedule; week 14 position week; weeks 15-19 are regular; week 20 another position round; weeks 21-26 regular; week 27 position and week 28 another fun night (and usually party/payoffs). OR 2. Weeks 1-6 regular; week 7 position; weeks 8-12 regular; weeks 13 and 14 both position weeks; weeks 15-19 regular; week 20 position; weeks 21-26 regular; and weeks 27 and 28 position. I hope that makes sense...

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League schedules can be found on the United States Bowling Congress' website at They have schedules for 4 to 48 teams.

Also, there is league software available on the market, such as CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary, that have the schedules built in.

In your situation, you would follow a 28 team schedule.

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Q: How do you set up a bowling league schedule for twenty eight teams playing 22 weeks?
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