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twenty four

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Q: How many Spaniards play in the whole English football league?
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Why did the Spaniards fail to colonize the whole Mindanao?

Because they fight against the Spaniards.

Which soccer club is the richest in 2007-2008?

The richest football team is Manchester city they are the richest in the premier league and in the whole world.

Do australians like football more than rugby league?

Football meaning AFL or Soccer? Rugby League is more popular than soccer in Sydney also as well as AFL. Whole of Australia, AFL is most popular sport, and Rugby League is second and soccer is 4th just after cricket.

When was national football league invented?

It wasn't invented it was founded silly... but it originated from the a.f.l. The american football league. in 1920 first team was the San Francisco 49 .they played college teams in playoffs,only them.and their whole team was Negroes so it made them special to the a.f.l and soon after more teams came to the a.f.l, too many to for one league. So they put some teams into the n.f.l.and some in the a.f.l and now american football league is now arena football league. enjoy the knowledge!!

What is the biggest cup in football?

The World Cup for the whole World Competing The Euro Championship for Europe The Champions League for the winners of euro home leagues

What football competitions are there?

in England ? there are : - blue square premier (south, east, north, west) - league 2 - league 1 - championship - barclys premier league - caling cup (league cup, only premier league) - painters cup (league 1,2 and championship) - FA cup (whole of England) - champions league (top 4 in premier league)

What is Italy's main sport played in there country?

football (or soccer for the US English speakers). Pretty much the whole country is fanatic about that sport.

You want Hindi translation of History of football of the whole world?

football history

Is football in Australia soccer in the US?

No. In Australia, the term "Football" [colloquially "footy"], mainly refers to the Australian football game, also called, "Aussie Rules". Even in the two states that play much more rugby than Australian football, they do not reference soccer with the word 'football' - the 150+ year tradition within Australia has therefore long been to be speaking of either Australian football or one of the rugby codes - 'league or union' when football is mentioned. The only change that has occurred is that the major soccer / "association football" league in Australia has changed its own lead name from "Soccer" to include the word "Football", but certainly, neither the general populous, nor the culture as a whole refers to soccer by the term football. The chief governing body of Australian Football has long been named, "The Australian Football League". The true name of the soccer brand of football, by the way, is actually "Association Football".

Who controls the whole game in football?

The referees.

Who controls the whole football game?

The referees.

Could you tell mewho has won themost consecutive league wins in the premier league?

arsenal football club went a whole season without loosing a premier league match . so about 40 macthes without loosing. and i think that was in 02-03 season or 03-04 season .

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