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practice!!! you have to push yourself in order to get them down. Of course its going to hurt, but you push through the pain. when you are as far down as you can go, lift your arms up, like i said before practice alot. the more you practice the sooner you will get them! (:

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Q: How do you learn to do the splits frontways and sideways?
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How do you do box splits?

Well box splits are a Lot harder than side splits, box splits is about the stretching in your thighs and your muscles, to do this you must stretch a Lot and go down in box splits as far as you can and sit in it for 10seconds this may occur each day/night you do it. Or.. Only stretch your legs try lifting your legs as high as you can, maybe start gymnastics and learn from them. You can't do box splits, I mean learn to do them, it's how flexible and supple you are... Hope I helped

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How can you learn to do the splits in two days?

It is not realistic to learn to do the splits in just two days. It requires consistent stretching over a period of weeks or even months to safely increase flexibility in the hamstrings, hip flexors, and adductors. Rushing the process could result in injury.

Is easy it to learn how to do the splits? takes your body about a minute for your legs to really get used to it. if you do the right and left and middle splits all for 1:30, you should be able 2 do it within a week or so!

Is it possible to learn splits in 3 weeks if you are less than an inch away?

It is possible if you put your heart into learning it.

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Right splits are splits with your right leg in fron of you.

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Is it possible to learn middle splits for cheerleading in 4 weeks if your about 3 inches from flat?

It's possible, Just keep practising doing the splits and you should be able to do it. The more you stretch for the splits the more further down you can get. Maybe practising daily would help. For instance if you stretch daily so that's like 7 x 4, That's 28 days, You would get alot more flexible. That's not exactly a long time to learn the splits, But it's not like it's impossible. All my advice would be is to stretch first and then practice daily. Maybe you could Google some stretches that will help your flexibility? Perhaps that would work - Anyway, I wish you luck at doing the splits.

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