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Here are some basic pointers (all racquet head sizes in square inches):

  • Beginners (starting out playing tennis or play seldom): 100-115
  • Intermediate (play tennis once/twice a week, maybe more): 98-100
  • Advanced (play tennis 3+ times a week; enter tournaments or play in leagues): 90-100

The size of the racquet is only one of the many factors in choosing a tennis racquet, however. The weight is also a very important factor.

Some pointers for the weight of a tennis racquet:

  • Beginners: 10 oz. or less
  • Intermediate: 10 oz. - 11 oz.
  • Advanced**: 11 oz. or more

**Advanced players have very different tastes in racquet weights. Some prefer as low as 10.6 oz. while others may play ones that weigh 12 oz. or more.

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Q: How do you know what size tennis racquet you need?
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What is grip size on tennis racquet?

grip size on tennis rackets is the diameter of the handle on the bottom of the tennis racket.

What size tennis racquet works best?

The size of tennis racquet you choose is really a personal preference. Basically, tennis racquets come in a mid-size and oversize. The mid-size racquet has a smaller tennis face and less surface area of tennis strings. Mid-size racquets are more compact and usually lighter. They are easier to swing and move around quickly. Serve and volley type players often prefer the smaller mid-size racquet. An oversize racquet has a large surface area of tennis strings. This can make the racquet feel heavier and it is more difficult to swing the racquet around quickly. However, the "sweet" spot on the racquet is larger. The sweet spot is where you want the ball to hit your strings more maximum effectiveness. Players that hug the baseline tend to enjoy using an oversize racquet. You can always "demo" different racquets at your tennis club to see which size is best for you. Your tennis pro can also give you great reccomendations.

Can you use a junior tennis racket to play racquetball?

Legally, in competition, no. The size and shape of a racquetball racquet is specific to the structural integrity and overall safety of the racquet.

What is the age range for junior tennis racquets?

The age range for junior tennis racquets depends on the size of the racquet. A 17-19 inch racquet is for children from the ages of three to five. A 21-23 inch racquet is for children from six to eight years of age. A 25 inch racquet is for kids from eight to ten years of age. A 26-27 inch racquet is for children who are eleven and up.

How is badminton different from other racquet sports?

Tennis is definitely the most popular. There are differences between all the racquet sports.

How big is a table tennis racquet?

"There is no ""official"" size for table tennis racquets. Most however, are approximately 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) long and 6 inches (15 cm) wide. This seems to be the ""ideal"" size for players."

How can you tell what size tennis racket you are?

hold it in your palm,and if its too heavy,you know you need a smaller one,and if its too light for you,you need a size bigger.

What is the head size of a Yonex r-24 Rexking-24 tennis racquet?

The head size of Arthur Ashe's racquet is 12 inches in length and 9 inches in width

What does l4 mean in tennis racket size?

L4 is usually the size of the racquet handle. L3 is a standard 4 3/8 inch handle, while L4 is the larger 4 1/2 inch handle.

What prevention methods are there to avoid tennis elbow?

Many times, choosing a different size or type of tennis racquet may help. Frequent rest periods are important despite what the wrist and forearm activity may be. Compliance with a stretching and strengthening program.

What does L3 mean for a tennis racquet?

Grip size: US L1 = 4 1/8" US L2 = 4 1/4" US L3 = 4 3/8"

What are the needs of tennis?

To play tennis, basically all you need is a racket your size, tennis balls, tennis court shoes and tennis balls. Very Simple.