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Q: How do you jump high on super tux?
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How do you jump super high in real life?

bend your knees, and jump off the ground as high as you can

How do you do a super high jump on real life?

all i know is to bend your knees and jump as high as you can or as stron as you can

How do you Super jump on Conker Live and Reloaded?

You mean hover in the air with your tail. Press B agian. to jump super high, crouch, then jump

How do you super jump Mario super slugger?

they have to be friends and tap a twice to catch it high

How do you get the high jump on Kingdom Hearts?

i don't know about a super jump but you get high jump in the big fish i forgot what its called and you get gild and super gild later on if that is what you wanted to know

Can you play the game Super-Tux on the internet?

i want to play supertuxs

How do you jump really high on modern warfare 3?

I think you that you cannot jump really high in mw3. But if u are in a hack which i think is a lie then the host could put super jump.

Where is the power after high jump on super Metroid?

Now that you have the high jump, go to Kraids lair(to the right of the elevator to Norfair). After you defeat Kraid, you will get the Varia suit.

What are the powers of hulk?

super strength, can jump insainly high, smashing, and anger

What is the hack on call of duty black ops zombies to jump really high?

I think it's called the super jump.

Are there tricks for super Mario galaxy?

yeah like a ground pound,high jump, dive jump (ever heard of that?) & more.

How do you get the game Super Tux onto a PC computer specifically a vista computer?

well first go to baixaki or superdownloads then in the search box tipe super tux then it´s just download,instal and play. I have a windows vista and it is working.