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Bar ends are very easy to install, they clamp around the outside of the bar and are tightened down with a screw that usually takes an Allen key. First you need to make room for them though, by moving brake/shifter levers and grips inwards. If your grips are sealed at the end you need to open them up. If you have end plugs in your bar you need to remove them to fit the bar ends. They can be reinserted once the bar ends have been slid on.

Things to note:

bar ends only fit bars with a 7/8" diameter

bar ends are rarely used for BMX

bar ends are not to be used pointing upwards/backwards to provide a more relaxed riding posiiton. In this angle, they pose a considerable risk for injury to the rider. If it's another position you're after, you're better off looking for another solution maybe another bike.

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Q: How do you install bar ends on a bmx bike?
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