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you stretch legs and keep practicing everyday until you can do it but you got to love it

get in the splits form and bounce up and down until that's as far as you can go and stay that way for 10 seconds,and keep doing that everyday and you should be able to do the splits all the way down in no time!!!hope this helps!!!

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Q: How do you do the splits all the way down?
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Is the splits supposed to be all the way down?

No! According to me the splits are not suppose to be all the way down. Flexing your leg does not mean sitting with your legs spread apart

How do you do your splits all the way down?

well first you can, you don't have to but, you can try to exercise before by trying to touch your toes or sit on the floor, spread out your legs as wide as you can, and try to put your head all the way to the floor. Then, stand up then slide all the way down

How far to ground for the splits?

As a cheerleader there is low limit to how far you go down. If u stretch and practice it everyday then u will be on your way to your splits.

If you get your left and right splits down perfect will you be able to do middle split?

ummm. Well i can do all 3 but the left and right splits use different muscles and hip position. it will help a little but will not get you all the way down. if you want to get all 3 down pat you are going to have to stretch all 3 ways. i would say 3 times a day for 10-20 minutes.

How do you get right splits down in a few days I am almost there but I need them down for the lead dance role.?

I got my right splits by resting my heel on a chair or something elevated and doing my splits on that (like over splits)... but if you want to get them quicker... I also lay down on my back and pulled my right leg towards my body. Or you can do it the old fashioned way and just hold your splits there for a few minutes ;)

How do you get really flexible starting from when you cant touch your toes?

To touch your toes all you have to do really is to put your back up against a wall and just fall forward and just stay there for about a minute then rest and do it again and to really learn how to do the splits it is way easier if you put a few thick books on top of each other on the ground and put your heel on them and try to do the over splits but its okay if you don't go all the way down and stay there till you feel stretched and when you do try the regular splits and you will notice the difference. It will take a few times until you will be able to go all the way down but i think it is worth it. (Don't over stretch or you could really hurt yourself)

How Can you Get your Splits Down 3 inches at least Help?

all you have to do is do the lung on each side leg for 30 sec.. everyday youll get there

How do you the right splits?

all you do is make yourself pretend that you are on a surf board and just slide down. P.S (first sterch i recomend it)

How do you do the full splits?

pull your legs apart and sit down

What is the quickest way to master the splits?

i am a dancer and it took me 4 months to get ALL my splits down really you are born with or without flexibility so if you are flexible it won't take you that long but on the other hand if you aren't you might want to work hard on it. One way you can work on them is to practice them 2 times a day every day or get someone to stretch you but make sure you don't hurt your self so be extremely careful. Also you can try over splits those helped me A LOT trust me that is how i got my splits down so easy and i got them when i was only 4 years old not to brag but i was born with flexibility so try to work hard on them and you will do GREAT. Good Luck and don't hurt yourself

How do you get all party members in chrono cross?

I'm not sure if that's possible, as the game splits down different paths at certain points.

How do you get better at splits?

You just keep on practicing. If you want to try something else ask a person to push you down, or stretch before you do splits.