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I was looking for the same answer. I have a loose bladder Tachikara SV-5WH that had a slow leak. After not finding much help online, I started looking around my garage. I didn't have anything to lose, as the ball would only stay inflated for about 10 minutes or so, so it was unusable. I found my motorcycle chain lube and gave it a try. It is made to stick to motorcycle chains, and is safe for O-rings, so I figured it would be OK for the bladder. I inserted the thin straw spray nozzle (like you get with WD-40 cans) into the valve on the ball and sprayed a fair amount of chain lube inside the ball. I then filled it with air and spun it different directions to coat the inside. After that - no leaks at all.

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Sometimes it’s just from a season’s worth of storage, and sometimes it’s from a little extra hard play, but one day, you pick up your volleyball only to find that it’s flat. If you have your own pump, even a bicycle pump, you can get set up to continue your favorite backyard game in no time flat. Pun intended.

First, make sure your pump has the appropriate needle attachments, if necessary. Some pocket pumps already have a needle attached.

Next, find the plug on your volleyball. This plug has a one way valve on it that requires a pin in order to access the air inside.

Insert the appropriate sized needle into the plug in the ball and immediately begin pumping. If you have an electric pump, turn it on, while hand operated pumps merely require your own muscle power and rarely, stamina. Some people recommend moistening the needle for easier insertion, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Once the ball has been filled to a tight sphere, stop pumping and remove the needle.

Finally, test the hardness of the ball. If you want the rubber to have some give to it, look for a bit less than 1/8 inch of depression when you press your finger firmly into the ball. But if you are seeking a tougher, sports center type experience, purchase an air gauge that has been specifically designed for sports balls, and it will notify you when your ball is up to either standard or professional snuff.

Be careful not to overinflate the ball, or you will wind up with a permanently flattened ball after a few hard punches. If you haven’t yet invested in a pump, ‘pocket’ pumps (balloon style hand pumps) are available from under $10, and multipurpose pumps go up from there. Now you have the means to keep the family sports balls in top condition.

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They dont put air in them, there is air because unless they built them in a vacume, there has to be air when they put the peices together.

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You need to get an air pump and put the end in the hole of the ball. Just push the lever up and down, and air is injected into the ball.

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Q: How do they put the air into a tennis ball?
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Will a basketball or tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

i know that a basketball will because if it has nothing in it, it won't bounce. right? but when you put more helium in, it will bounce high. but if you put to much in it, it might explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does a heated tennis ball bounce higher?

A heated tennis ball bounces higher because the hot air inside the ball is lighter than the air around the ball therefore giving the tennis ball the ability to bounce higher.

What is in a tennis ball?

rubber and air

What is a table tennis ball?

A sealed pocket of Air is inside the hollow center of a table tennis ball.

Which ball bounces the highest tennis ball or sponge ball or plastic golf ball or handball?

I believe the tennis ball would bounce the highest if you were to put equal force on each ball and throw it to the ground.I don't know exactly why, but I tested this once, and it seems the tennis ball bounces the highest because of the fact that it has the most air pressure inside of it.

Can air travel through a tennis ball?

Yes, of course. The material a tennis ball is made out of is porrus. That is why tennis balls go flat.

Does the temperature of the tennis ball affect the air?

The temperature of the ball does not affect the surrounding/outside air, but it does affect the air inside the ball.

What is inside a table tennis ball?

A sealed pocket of Air is inside the hollow center of a table tennis ball.

How do tennis players put the tennis ball in there pants?

I would assume pockets

Why is a tennis ball sold in a pressurized can?

Tennis balls are sold in pressurized cans so the air stays in the tennis balls. After every hit, a tiny bit of air will leave the tennis ball (also when just lying around).

What are the effects of temperature on the rebound of a tennis ball?

its is the air inside the tennis ball that you should be concerned with. Cold air is compressed and gives the ball less bounce, hot air is less dense and pushes on the sides of the tennis ball from the inside. Another important factor is altitude. altitude changes the amount of oxygen in the air. this doesnt change rebound it causes the ball to travel further in air.

Type of ball bounce the highist a tennis baa or a basketball?

A tennis ball will bounce the highest because it is smaller. The smaller amount of mass that it has the more it will bounce and the higher it would get. For example, when you put air into a ball the more mass it builds up but, when the ball is flat it would not bounce.