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Yes, of course. The material a tennis ball is made out of is porrus. That is why tennis balls go flat.

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Q: Can air travel through a tennis ball?
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What is a tennis balls?

A tennis ball is basicaly a ball filled with air through a valve. I don't kanow too much about it, I have to admit.

What are the effects of temperature on the rebound of a tennis ball?

its is the air inside the tennis ball that you should be concerned with. Cold air is compressed and gives the ball less bounce, hot air is less dense and pushes on the sides of the tennis ball from the inside. Another important factor is altitude. altitude changes the amount of oxygen in the air. this doesnt change rebound it causes the ball to travel further in air.

What are curves in table tennis?

Balls or hits that are spun in the air curve through the air depending on which way they are spun. In good table tennis, most shots will have various directions and elements of spin imparted to them, especially topspin. Spinning balls moving through the air curve as a result of what is called, "the magnus effect" - where, due to the clash of the air that hugs the ball as it spins and the oncoming air through which the ball is travelling, greater air pressure is built up on that side of the ball and a 'lift' is imparted to the ball that reults in a turning or curving path of the ball through the air. Ready examples of this are the "bending" of a soccer ball that is kicked so as to impart spin on the ball and the golf ball lift that allows the ball to travel further through the air as it is hit with underspin.

What is in a tennis ball?

rubber and air

Why does a heated tennis ball bounce higher?

A heated tennis ball bounces higher because the hot air inside the ball is lighter than the air around the ball therefore giving the tennis ball the ability to bounce higher.

What is a table tennis ball?

A sealed pocket of Air is inside the hollow center of a table tennis ball.

Does the temperature of the tennis ball affect the air?

The temperature of the ball does not affect the surrounding/outside air, but it does affect the air inside the ball.

What is inside a table tennis ball?

A sealed pocket of Air is inside the hollow center of a table tennis ball.

Why is a tennis ball sold in a pressurized can?

Tennis balls are sold in pressurized cans so the air stays in the tennis balls. After every hit, a tiny bit of air will leave the tennis ball (also when just lying around).

How long does a tennis ball last?

A tennis ball may deteriorate for a number of reasons, including usage (i.e., being hit) and the environment (i.e., heat and humidity). Left alone, a tennis ball would, eventually, lose air through osmosis of the rubber core and felt coverings. When struck, the air is forced out little by little. Heat forces air to escape more quickly, and the effects of humidity and being struck wear out the felt covering, as well as causing tiny cracks and holes in the felt and rubber from which air will escape.

Why is a tennis ball bouncy?

Under the fuzzy exterior of a tennis ball is a rubber "shell". Rubber has a natural bouncy quality, but it's the compressed air inside the rubber shell that gives it that extra bounce. If you ever heat up a screwdriver and push it through the tennis ball, you should hear the air hissing out, or whooshing out in some circumstances. Hope this helped, Chris

What ball bounces the hightest out of a Tennis ball basketball and a soccer ball?

A tennis ball typically bounces the highest out of a tennis ball, a basketball, and a soccer ball due to its lower weight and higher air pressure compared to the other balls.