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Yes, the players do get paid by their national football association, however the exact amount is rarely disclosed. The players would usually get performance bonuses which reflect how well the team progressed through the tournament.

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Not to be harsh but it's obvious they do get paid because they are in the world team, but that does not mean so it depends either they have a sponsor or play tornaments or both. And in major tornaments they get at least 200,000 max 900,000 no joke, cheers! :) it's true i play tennis i know alot

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If you are good enough and ranked in the world you can get paid millions.

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Q: Do players get paid for Davis Cup?
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Do players get paid to play in the solheim cup?

Expenses only

How are the Davis cup and federation cup different to grand slam?

Davis Cup (for men) and Fed Cup (for women) are tournaments played in team format in which the teams are made up of players from various countries (i.e. the United States has a Davis Cup and Fed Cup team, as does France, and Spain, and so on). In Davis and Fed Cup, the team to win three out of five matches moves on to the next round in the tournament (which spans over the course of the entire season). Unlike Grand Slam tournaments, players are not playing as individuals, for ranking points, or even for money.

Do footballers get paid for the World Cup?

Yes, they do, but the amount they get paid is never disclosed, however, it is no where near what they are paid at club level. The players get massive bonuses if they win the World Cup.

Who are the USA Davis cup team tennis players?

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Why is the Davis cup called the Davis cup?

It's always been called the Davis Cup since its inception in 1900

When was Davis Cup created?

Davis Cup was created in 1900.

Are the players paid in the world cup?

Yes they get payed alot the least they get payed is £2 a minute there on the pitch

How is Davis Cup played?

Tennis is the sport associated with the Davis Cup.

Do they pay soccer players even though they don't play?

Yes and no - there is no contractual requirement to pay the players. For example, FIFA pays the FAs of the countries that play but those FAs have no obligation to pay the players and FIFA does not mandate that the players get paid by their FAs. Like the Rugby World Cup, the Football World Cup prize money is designed to develop the game in the country of the winner, not specifically to pay the players. But because established countries like Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Italy are often winning the World Cup, those countries don't need to develop game with that prize money so they tend not to. They pay the players incentives. There are no set payments and no "salaries" for the players. So while the short answer to this question might be yes, the technical answer is no in terms of knowing what they'll get or that they'll get anything at all. That is, players do not go to World Cup knowing they will get paid or knowing how much they will get. It's not like their club agreements where they know they will get 150,000 pounds a week. The reality is that if you told World Cup players that they won't get a dime, the great majority would go happily. The World Cup is not about getting paid, it's about winning the World Cup.

Who won the 2010 Davis Cup?

The 2010 Davis cup final is not decided as yet.

How much does Crosby make in a Stanley cup game?

Nothing. Players are not paid in the Playoffs. Their salary is for the regular season and they play in the playoffs without getting paid any salary.

When was Lithuania Davis Cup team created?

Lithuania Davis Cup team was created in 1994.