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Nothing. Players are not paid in the Playoffs. Their salary is for the regular season and they play in the playoffs without getting paid any salary.

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Q: How much does Crosby make in a Stanley cup game?
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How money much does Sidney Crosby make a year?

Sidney Crosby makes $8.7 million a year.

How much money does Sidney Crosby make a year?

Sidney Crosby makes $8.7 million a year.

How much does Sidney Crosby make?

8.7 million.

How much money does sydney Crosby make?

$900 000 000 000

How much money does Sidney Crosby make?

4 000 000 000 $ a season

How much does Sidney Crosby make each year?

He makes around 8.5 million

How much does Crosby make for 1 NHL season?

He makes 8.7 million per year

How much does Sidney Crosby make a year only playing in the NHL?

his salary is 8.5 million

How much money does Sidney Crosby make as a hockey player?

He makes $8.7 million per season.

How much longer until Sidney Crosby comes back?

Sidney Crosby is playing

Do you believe that Sidney Crosby and Penguins are doing a disservice to the fans by capturing his recovery process on the ice or what?

I believe that they are following Crosby's recovery process so much because he is one of the biggest superstars in the league. Without Crosby on the highlight reel for some time, they're trying to get him back in the public spotlight as quickly as possible in order to keep people interested in the game. They aren't disservicing the Pens or Crosby himself, they are doing it so much because of how valuable he is not only to his team, but to the league as a marketing tool.

How much does Casey Crosby weigh?

MLB player Casey Crosby weighs 225 pounds.

Why are Sidney Crosby rookie cards worth so much more than Alex Ovechkin rookie cards?

I'd have to say it's because Sidney Crosby has been way more impressive in his career so far. You don't hear about Ovechkin a whole lot any more cause he isn't doing anything spectacular. Crosby on the other hand, became the youngest captain to win the the Stanley Cup, he has won a gold medal with Team Canada in the Olympics, and when he stays healthy, Crosby puts up more points than Ovechkin.

Who is better Sidney Crosby or alexzander ovection?

CROSBY ALL THE WAY!!!! He's so much better.

How much does an NCAA referee make?

it all depends on how much that ref bet on the game. He could make -20,000 a game or 100,000 a game.

How much is the viynl record of Bing Crosby?


How much Sidney Crosby get paid?

Sidney Crosby receives an average salary of 8.7 million dollars a season.

How much does NFL player Mason Crosby weigh?

NFL player Mason Crosby weighs 207 pounds.

How much does a basball player make in a game?

they make 500 dollars a game

How much does Sidney Crosby make from Reebok?

Ten billion million dollars. Lol no jk. He makes about 1 million a year from reebok

Sidney Crosby's girlfriend?

Sidney Crosby has not said definitively who his girlfriend is. There is much speculation, however, that it may be Kathy Leutner.

How much dose Sidney Crosby get paid?

Sidney Crosby gets paid $8,700,000 a season, the same as Evgeni Malkin.

Why is Sidney Crosby so much better than Ovie?

Because Sidney Crosby is Canadian unlike Ovie who is Russian.

How much a month does Sidney Crosby?

about 18million

How much money does an game designer make an year?

depends on the game that u make

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How much does sydney Crosby make per hockey game?

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