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Q: Do most good golfers carry or trolley?
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How many golf clubs does the average golfer need?

You are permitted to carry 14 clubs in your bag, including your putter. Most golfers carry the allowed 14.

Why do golfers where special shoes?

most golfers just wear it for fashions and shoe contracts

Which country has more golfers per capita in the World's Top 250 Golfers?

The United States has the most golfers on the list of the World's Top 250 Golfers while Sweden most likely is the country with the most per capita. See the related links for more information.

Do most golfers where caps would that make a nice gift?

Yes golfers do wear hats to help keep the sweat, and sun from their eyes. A nice brimmed hat would make a very good gift for any golfer on your list.

What iron manufacturer do most golfers hit?


What state produces the most PGA golfers?


What is occupation of most golfers?

Most golfers are professional golfers. However, golf is a well known sport for businessmen. Although some golf clubs may only want highflyers playing at their club, there is no discrimination between who can play golf and who can't.

Why are there illegal trolley drivers?

These illegal trolley drivers in question are most likely Mexican and have migrated too far north into San Francisco.

What country has the most golfers in the top 250?

united states

Who are the highest paid golf players?

The golfers that win the most tournments

How much money does the golf industry make each year?

Golfers can earn millions of money. But it also depends how good they are Tiger Woods, etc, earn the most amount of money as golfers and pro golfers earn lots more than footballers and it is to known that pro golfers earn the most money in sport in the world

What is maids trolley?

Maid's cart or Service Trolley in Hotel also called as a room attendants trolley, or chamber maid's trolley, this is perhaps the most significance piece equipment in the housekeeping department. it is like a giant tool box, stocked with everything necessary to service a guest room effectively. Most such carts available now are made of metal, but sometimes wooden carts may be in use.