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Q: Did Alessa Caballero do bad in gymnastics competition?
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Are gymnastics bad?


What are some bad things about being a gymnastics coach?

Three bad things about doing gymnastics are,Risk of injuryStressPassing/concussions

Why competition is bad?

Competition is bad because it lowers your self esteem. without competition there are no losers and no winners but with competition there are winners but there are also losers.

What are the uniformsfor gymnastics like?

They are like a 1piece simsuit, they look really bad. and they a tight.

Is it bad to have political competition?

it is bad because in this so many dirty tricks are used to win the vote. even the good leaders are never come to this competition.

In the silent hill movie what is the truth?

Alessa was not bad she didnt have a father. The Order Leader(Kristibella) believed that all families should have Fathers, If you dont follow there rules you could be killed by the order. Alessa's mother Dahlia finally listened to kristibella and they brought here to Grand Hotel and the hidden room behind the picture is the room they purified her in. Forgot to say they thought she was a demon/devil because of not having a father that part I didnt get either.

Why gymnastics is better than cheereading?

Gymnastics gives you so much better technique and tumbles are performed a lot safer. Cheerleading can give you bad habbits and can 'cheat' moves.

Is Competition bad in your society?

Competition is normally welcome in tons of American societys and im sure all over the world. Not only is competition fun but its a way for striving players that want to make it to the big time to get better. There are always going to be people who have bad tempers when they face competition but usually competition is a good thing.

Is it bad for you if you do ballet and gymnastics?

No because ballet is very good for gymnasts. It improves their balance and agility.

Is the EU good or bad for the US?

All competition is good.

How do you come last in 5 competitions on howrse?

You can pick a bad horse and put the horse in a competition and that should get you in last place in the competition.

Is competition a good or bad thing?

Dr.Pepper is the best soda ever