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Yes. Under Rule 28, a player may declare his ball unplayable, and the player is the sole judge of such a declaration.

To remedy the unplayable ball, the player may opt to rehit the ball from the last location, drop the ball behind the unplayable lie on a direct line from the hole through the unplayable lie to the drop point, or drop the ball within two club-lengths of the unplayable lie but not nearer the hole.

However, declaring a ball unplayable is not a free declaration---the player incurs a one stroke penalty (as if the ball landed in a water hazard).

Local rules from the course or club may prohibit this declaration, however. Typically listed as "play the ball as it lies," or similar wording, this would instruct the player to not lift a ball simply due to an unfavorable lie. Violating that rule would incur a two stroke penalty.

Also, to declare a ball unplayable simple because the lie is unfavorable would violate the gentlemanly etiquette of the game of Golf, and is heavily frowned upon.

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Q: Can you declare your golf ball unplayable by landing in the rough?
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Do you get a free drop if ball lied on the bridge?

No. You must play the ball as it lies. You may declare it unplayable, drop no closer to the hole, one penalty stroke.

Can lift golf ball when lie edge of fairway?

The only legal way of lifting the ball when it lies on the edge of the fairway is when the rules committee of a tournament is playing lift-clean- and place. This would be stated before the tournament began. This accounts for unsavory conditions such as rain. The player is allowed to place a tee where the ball was, clean the ball, and place it back in fairway.

Why declare your ball unplayable?

You have to take a penalty drop, which is two club lengths from the nearest point of relief. The nearest point of relief being no closer to the hole. In fact for a ball declared unplayable you have 3 options:- 1) Return and play another shot from a point as near as possible to where that ball was last played (stroke & distance). 2) drop the ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball lies, no nearer the hole. 3) Drop as far back as you like keeping the position of the ball in line with the flag.

What is the ruling on a golf ball stuck up a tree?

You can eitherPlay the ball as it lies,Take a penalty (1 stroke) drop two club lengths from where the ball liesGo back, as far as you want, keeping the point where the ball is between you and the flag and drop it (1 stroke penalty)You can go back to where you played the last shot from, (1 stroke penalty).The above rules assume you find your ball, if you can't find it, you must use the fourth option.

Can a golf ball be declared lost or unplayable anywhere on a golf course?

If the person who played the ball think he/she cannot play the ball where it lies then yes the person may take a one stroke penalty and move the ball.

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Can a golf ball ever be dropped in a bunker?

No, but I believe a player can declare it unplayable and therefore take the penalty associated with that rule. ... I think you can take a stroke for unplayable and drop within two club lengths (still in the bunker) or along a straight line back from the flag as far as you want...I think. There are rules that specifically address unplayables. In a fun round, you may consider using your hand wedge to keep the round fun. No sense in taking 5 to get out of a bunker, possibly hurting your wrists, and ruining your spirit for the game...then go practice bunker shots later.

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The ball should be declared unplayable before the game. Several balls are approved by the referee for every game and should be interchangable . ou merely exclude the nonconforming ball.

What happens when a club championship golf match is suspended if course unplayable?

If the game is suspended because the course is unplayable, a golf committee will examine the place where the ball's recent destination. Some necessary measures are done to remove excess amount of water. If it is taken for granted, water will remain in a long period. Games will resume afterwards.

In stroke play Ball enters a green side bunker Player informs you will hit another ball from here you will take one shot penalty Ruling please?

You would get a one stroke penalty if you hit another ball and do not call it provisonal, because you cannot hit another golf ball unless it is unplayable.