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The only legal way of lifting the ball when it lies on the edge of the fairway is when the rules committee of a tournament is playing lift-clean- and place. This would be stated before the tournament began. This accounts for unsavory conditions such as rain. The player is allowed to place a tee where the ball was, clean the ball, and place it back in fairway.

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Yes. Under Rule 28, a player may declare his ball unplayable, and the player is the sole judge of such a declaration.

To remedy the unplayable ball, the player may opt to rehit the ball from the last location, drop the ball behind the unplayable lie on a direct line from the hole through the unplayable lie to the drop point, or drop the ball within two club-lengths of the unplayable lie but not nearer the hole.

However, declaring a ball unplayable is not a free declaration---the player incurs a one stroke penalty (as if the ball landed in a water hazard).

Local rules from the course or club may prohibit this declaration, however. Typically listed as "play the ball as it lies," or similar wording, this would instruct the player to not lift a ball simply due to an unfavorable lie. Violating that rule would incur a two stroke penalty.

Also, to declare a ball unplayable simple because the lie is unfavorable would violate the gentlemanly etiquette of the game of Golf, and is heavily frowned upon.

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Q: Can lift golf ball when lie edge of fairway?
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What are the winter rules in golf?

The winter rules of golf are very simple. Most golf courses play preferred lies through the green, this is where you can pick up your ball, clean it and replace it within six inches of its' original position, no nearer the hole. In the winter you also get relief from area which have been affected by the golf course machinery. Some golf clubs play preferred lies in the fairway and then lift clean and drop in the rough, and others only play relief from a plugged ball in the rough.

Can you lift ball in the fairway to get a better lie?

No, once the ball is in play you cannot pick it up. The only place you can do this is on the green. However, if winter rules or lift clean and place are in operation you can usually move your ball 6 inches, no nearer the hole.

If your ball lies between the edge of the green and apron and fairway you may obtain relief 6 inches not nearer the hole True or False?

There simplest rule in golf, play the ball as it lies. It sounds like this applies here, so the answer is false, you may not receive relief. There are situations in which you may receive 6 inches relief, this is when lift, clean and place is in play. Check local rules for relief from sprinkler heads etc.

What is the rule if you hit a cartpath sign in the fairway?

You mark where the ball would lie if it was on the ground, lift it, move the cart and then drop the ball as close to where it would be as if it was on the ground. This is a free drop.

Why do you need spin on a golf ball in golf?

All clubs put backspin on the ball (unless you totally duff it). As the ball moves though the air with backspin lift is created. This is called the Magnus effect, it is similar to Bernoulli affect. The spinning creates a pressure differential and thus lift. As to whether or not a ball releases, checks, or spins back upon landing is dependent upon several variables: Spin rate upon landing, angle of decent, angle of the surface, ball velocity, hardness of the ground, and the coefficient of friction between the ball and the landing surface. ANSWER: Back spin on a golf ball causes the golf ball to spin backwards as it travels away from the person who hit the ball. Hitting a golf ball with a back spin will allow the golf ball to travel a great distance with a high arc. Setting a golf ball in motion with a back spin also will help to bring the ball to a stop when it hits the ground.

What are the most important golf clubbs you should have when playing golf?

You definitely need to have a driver. It is the club used mostly for driving the ball down the fairway at the beginning of most shots, it usually provides the most distance. You also want a putter. The putter is needed on the green and no other club is allowed. You might want to invest in a sand wedge or a pitching wedge as well. They give you good lift and can get you out of sticky situations. Invest in a 5 Iron or a 7 Iron as well. They give you different distances, but both are equally important for fairway action.

Can you lift up grass with your club or hand to tee a ball up instead of using a tee peg in golf?

Yes, you are allowed to do this.

In golf what is a marker and what do you use it for?


Do you incur a penalty if an animal moves your ball during a golf game?

No, there is no penalty. What you do is replace the ball as close as possible to where it was before it was moved. If the animal runs away with the ball and you cannot get it you simply use another ball, but you must declare this to your playing partners.

In golf if a ball lands in front of another ball does the opponent get to hit the ball again so the other person doesn't knock the ball?

Yes and No. This is covered by Rule 22-2 Ball Interfering with Play of the Rules of Golf. Except when a ball is in motion, if a player considers that another ball might interfere with his play, he may have it lifted. A ball lifted under this Rule must be replaced (see Rule 20-3). The ball must not be cleaned unless it lies on the putting green (see Rule 21). In stroke play, a player required to lift his ball may play first rather than lift the ball.

What stores sell golf cart lift kits?

Golf cart lift kits can be bought in online stores such as Amazon. They can also be found on eBay. In the physical world, the shop at your local golf course may well sell golf lift kits.

When you cannot mark a golf ball and pick it up?

You can only mark your ball and pick it up when you are on the green. However, if lift clean and place is in play you may pick it up, but that is usually only in the winter.