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Q: Can you bike the freedom trail?
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Is a yz426f a trail bike or a motocross bike?

The YZ is a motocross bike, the trail or woods bike is a WR426.

How big is a bike trail?

A bike Trail is up to 1-10 miles long.

Can you go off jumps in a trail bike?

Trail bike is too vague, you have to specify which bike and how big jumps you're talking about.

Can you ride a mini bike on a bike trail?

In general, you cannot use motorized vehicles on a bicycle trail.

What should a bike trail bike weigh?

as light as possable

Is an 80cc dirt bike a trail bike?

it depends, what brand is it

How do you use trail in a sentence?

Stay on the trail.Conrad biked on the Bike Trail.

Is a Suzuki RM a trail bike?


Was a Yamaha LS2 motorcycle a good trail bike?

No. The LS2 is a street bike. Did anybody ever try trail riding one?

How fats will a 150cc ATV go?

this would depend greatly on how old it is and if it supercross bike or trail bike...the supercross bike are liquid and trail are air cooled...a trail bike prolly 50-70 and a super cross bike 60-90 MPH assuming its under 10-15 years old

What is a TT motorcycle?

Time trial bike or trail bike. both the same

Can you bike to the delicate arch Or is it just a hiking trail?

The trail to delicate arch is only a hiking trail... i think :)