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Yes, for sure! Don't worry about not knowing anything because you will learn once you start.Other people start gymnasticsat that age too, and it's a really fun thing to get involved in!

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Q: Can a preteen start gymnastics not knowing anything about gymnastics?
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Do you have to know how to a split to start gymnastics?

I'd say that demonstrating a split would be a modest prerequisite. Simply knowing how to do one is probably not enough.

Is it ok to start gymnastics at the age of 13?

Yes it is you can start gymnastics at 20

In What sesaon do gymnastics start?

Gymnastics does not start in any particular season or end. It's year round

Should you start elite gymnastics?

you should start elite gymnastics if you think you could go somewhere with it!

How did gymnastics start and who or where did it start?


Where did gymnastics start at?


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When did artistic gymnastics start?

Gymnastics started in 1811 by Friedrich Ludwing Jahn

Where did dominique dawes start doing gymnastics?

New England Gymnastics Express in Newington.

When did the olympic gymnastics start?


Can you start at the age of 12 for gymnastics?

You can start at any age!

You want to do gymnastics but im 15 is it to late to start learining?

No it is never too late to start gymnastics you can always take a tumbling class or something.