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Although it's controversial at the moment, the rules of Golf do not prohibit anchoring your putter against any part of your body.

Keegan Bradley was the first winner of a Major championship with a belly putter, and although a long putter (anchored in either the sternum or under the chin) has not yet won a Major, they have come close. Adam Scott finished tied second for the 2011 Masters with his sternum-anchored putter.

You ask about a conventional putter and anchoring that to a part of your body and you may be interested to look at Bernhard Langer who won the 1993 Masters anchoring and cured his yips by anchoring the top of the putter shaft onto his left arm with his right hand.

So, in summary, anchoring the putter to any part of your body is for the moment legal under the R & A and USGA rules.

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Q: Can a conventionsl putter anchored against any part of body like a Belly putter?
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How do you putt with a belly putter?

A belly putter is designed to be anchored into your belly button and then you can use any variation of a putting grip you want. The idea is that the putter pivots about your belly button, and you swing it without as much use as the arms as you would find with a normal putter.

How do you hold a belly putter?

A belly putter is designed to be anchored into your belly. You place the grip end agsinst your belly button and then simply grip the club however you want, keeping the putter pivoting around your belly button. one grip is the split grip, this is where (for a right hander) you have your left hand at the top, and right hand below it. Then there is left hand low, which is obviously left hand below your right. There is also the interlocking grip which is basically how you hold your irons. (well how the majority do)

When taking a drop shot can you use a belly putter as your club of choice?

When taking a drop you can use any club in your bag, a belly putter is perfectly legal.

Where can one purchase a belly putter?

A Belly Putter can be purchased at various online stores. These include but are not limited to Amazon, eBay, BellyPutt, GolfHouse, Callaway Shop and NordicGolf.

Who was the first golfer to use a belly putter on the PGA tour?

arnold palmer

The club that is used on the green in golf is?

Well that is the putter of course There are all different types, such as belly putters, chest putters and your normal standerized putter. I hope one day my way of putting which is using a driver for putting, will make it big in the game of golf.

How long should your putter be if you are 6'3''?

Just whatever you feel comfortable with, the majority of putters on the market today are 33, 34 and 35 inch ones, the 35 would probably suit you best. But if you feel uncomfortable with that you may have to try find a longer one, or even a belly putter.

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