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Tiger Woods was the first.

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Q: Who was the first golfer to use a belly putter on the PGA tour?
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Who was the First PGA tour golfer?

Arnold palmer signed with mark mccormack, eventually leading to the creation of img i believe...

Who was the first Irish golfer to win a European tour avent?

Jimmy Kinsella

Which Indian golfer was first to qualify and play on the 2004 US PGA tour?

Arjun Atwal

Who was the first golfer since Jack Nicklaus to win eight PGA events his first six years on tour?

Ernie Els

Who is the best putter on tour?

Brad Faxon was once regarded as the best putter on tour, but then there was also Loren Roberts who was known as ' The Boss of the Moss'. Nowadays it's probably Phil Mickelson, but Tiger Woods is also a fantastic putter.

What year did South Korean golfer Ye Yang win his first event on the PGA tour the Honda classic?


What is one of the sports Nancy Lopez plays?

Nancy Lopez is a professional golfer. Her first full season on the LPGA Tour was in 1978.

What is the best Putter on the PGA Men's Tour?

Either a Scotty Cameron or Odyssey or Bettinardi.

Who is the only golfer to have been named Player of the Year on the Nationwide Tour and The PGA tour?

Tom Lehman

Who was the top golfer on the US PGA tour in 2012?

The 2012 PGA Tour consisted of a total of 45 official money events running from January to November. John Hun was the official top golfer on the US PGA tour in 2012.

When was the last time a professional golfer used the Titleist Tour Balata golf ball in a recognised tour event?

in 1995

Which golfer invited Bobby Locke to try PGA tour?

Sam Snead