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Most bowlers thake 3-5 steps before throwing the ball.

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Q: Bowlers take what at pins before tossing the ball?
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Do most pro bowlers look at the pins or look at a mark at the release point?

Somewhere inbetween. Most bowlers pick a spot a short way onto the lane and attempt to roll the ball over that spot. One of the arrows that are about 15 feet from the foul line would be a good reference to look at when rolling the ball.

Why did the pins fall down before the bowler released the ball?

they were on strike

Is it important static friction on a bowling ball?

Yes, if you want to curve the ball before it hits the pins.

On no tap tournament - how about if you hit 8 pins only on my 1st ball?

Answer Two: There is such a thing as an 8 pin no tap tournament, usually for younger bowlers. In that case, an 8 count would also count as a strike. Answer One: In the game of 9-pin no-tap, 9 or 10 pins down on the first ball is a strike, and 8 pins down is only scored as an 8 count and you must throw at the two remaining pins for the second ball in that frame. In the game of 8-pin no-tap, 8, 9 or 10 pins down on first ball is scored as a strike, and you will get a full rack of pins for the next frame instead of having to attempt a spare.

What comes out first when the ball is relaeased?

When using a conventional (or beginner's) grip, in which the middle and ring fingers go into their respective holes up to the second knuckle, all three fingers usually come out of the ball at the same time.However, most good bowlers use what's known as a fingertip grip, in which those fingers only go in to the first knuckle. With this kind of delivery, the thumb exits the ball a fraction of a second before the fingers do, allowing the two fingers to generate extra turn on the ball and thereby increase its hook.

When a bowling ball hits the pins at the end of the what energy from the ball is?

Answer=Transferred to the pins.

When the ball strikes the pins they go flying while the ball continues forward Why doesn't the ball simply bounce off the pins?

A bowling ball is very heavy and out weighs the pins.

When a bowling ball collides with the pins the momentum of the ball and the pins after the collision is explained by?


What happens to the momentum of the bowling ball when it hits pins?

Energy is transferred to the pins and the deflection and contact of the pins will typically slow the ball momentum.

How do you get a strike in bowling?

In bowling, a strike is achieved by knocking down all 10 pins with the first ball rolled in a frame. When a strike occurs, it is marked as an "X" on the scorecard and awarded 10 points plus the total of the next two rolls. It is considered the best outcome in a frame.

Why weigh bowling pins?

Bowling pins are weighed to determine that there is consistency from one pin to the next. It is to keep an even playing field among the bowlers. It is quality assurance provided by the pin manufacturer. To have a sanctioned lane, the pins have little to no variance in weight between them.

If the lane in a bowling alley is well oiled will that help your ball hook?

No it will make you're ball go farther down the lane before it breaks towards the pins.