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similar, but not the same, no.

for example, when serving in Table Tennis, the ball must hit YOUR side of the table, bounce over the net and then hit your opponents side. in regular tennis, it just needs to hit your opponent's side.

the rules that are the same include:

the ball must not bounce more than once on your side of the net, or you lose that point

you may not hit the ball more than once when it is on you side of the net (meaning, if you hit it into the air straight up, you may not then hit it again to try to get it over the net)

serving is done behind the back line, and must be done from one quadrant of the court (or table) and needs to bounce on the quadrant kitty-corner from the serving quadrant.

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Q: Are table tennis and tennis the same?
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same as lawn tennis

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they are pretty much the same rules but table tennis is played on a table and tennis is played on an outdoor court

How is table tennis and tennis different?

table tennis is played on a 15x6 table and meany different rules to tennis

How big is a junior table tennis table?

The same size as a normal table. 5ft by 9ft and 2.5ft tall.

Is table tennis the same as ping pong?

One of the original names for table tennis was ping pong. Ping Pong was then registered as a trademark by the sports company John Jaques & Son in England. Parker Brothers in the USA also bought the rights from Jaques to use the name ping pong in the USA only. So the name of the game was changed to table tennis. The official name today is table tennis. Ping Pong is still a trademark and is a brand of equipment in the USA which is used to play the sport of table tennis.

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Err a table tennis table

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David Foster of England introduced the first action game of tennis on a table (Table Tennis) in 1890.

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