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I say i am a ball on fire in Table Tennis :d

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Q: Do you say you are a ball of fire on table tennis or in table tennis?
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Can you say 'these tennis racket and ball'?

No, it's 'these tennis rackets and ball'

Are competitors forbidden to wear white in olympic table tennis?

No, but the rules of table tennis say that the main colour of clothing must be clearly different from that of the ball in use. So if a white ball is being used, players cannot wear white shirts.

What is the meaning of table tennis?

tennis played on a table or you could say it was tennis played on a smaller scale

How do you say table ten in french?

table tennis is translated 'tennis de table' or familiarly 'ping-pong' in French

How do you say tennis ball in spanish?

"Tennis ball" in Spanish would be "pelota de tenis."

How do you say table tennis in french?

le ping-pong /or/ le tennis de table

What is the color of the common tennis ball?

a common tennis ball is usually green,but can sometimes is yellow. next time you say to your friend yeah this is a yellow tennis ball think again?

How do you say table tennis in German?


What do table tennis players say when they win a point?

"yes!" then say the score and move on.

What do you need to wear in table tennis?

Well, i'd say wear what you would wear as if you were playing real tennis.

How do you say table tennis in Spanish?

The term for "table tennis" is el tenis de mesa, but Spanish uses ping pong as English does.

How do you say fire pit in spanish?

Fire pit table

How does tennis work?

To play tennis first you have to get the equipment. You will need 1 tennis racket, some tennis balls, and if you want someone to play with you. When the ball comes towards you then you hit it. To tell the score in the beginning you say set score is 0-0 game score love-love. Then you serve. If you that ball goes out then you you say second serve. THE END

Which ball will go higher a baseball a footballor tennis ball?

I would say tennisball because it has less mass inside it.

What does a line judge say when the tennis ball lands in the wrong area or outside of the court?


What is the size of a shuttlecock?

you can t really say what size but its bigger than a tennis ball.

What is rebounce height of dropped tennis ball?

When you drop a ball from, say, 3 metres, it will bounce back to roughly 2 metres.

What is the Size of ping pong ball in mm?

Before all I'll apology for any further mistake in this text. English is not my Native language. Regarding to the answer of the question, the actual size of a Table Tennis ball is 40 millimeters of diameter. To add some more information we can say that it's something recent because the size of the ball was always 38 millimeters and only was changed after the Olympic games of Sydney 2000. The ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) made the change with the objective of creating longer rallies and to make the ball more visible in the TV.

Is it correct to say a star is a ball of fire?


What role does friction play in the sport of tennis?

ill say air friction because of the ball

In table tennis what happens if the ball was clearly going out but hit the opponent or his racket accidentally?

Regulation rules say that if it was going out and the ball passes the far line, the ball is dead. So, if it hits your racket after it has gone past it, the ball was already dead, much like if you are returning a ball to someone and it hits on your side first, it's not a deal where "well oh, it scored a point after it hit my side, so it cancels out, or I get the point."

Is tennis harder than baseball?

i wouldn't say so. i have played softball for most of my life and tennis takes hitting the ball over a fence but softball and baseball require hitting the ball, ptching, and fielding.

What motors or batteries can you use to build your own tennis ball machine?

AA batteries i would say ;)

What does the bee say when he gets stuck on the tennis ball in the bee movie?

He says help me in slo motion

Does the ball have to touch the table before striking it in ping pong?

Yes, the ITTF rules say you have to let the ball hit your side of the table in any return. If you do hit the ball before it hits your court, it is called a obstruct.