Are back dimples real

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Yes, back dimples are real and can be found on people. Back dimples are indents in the lower back. They are located just above the butt area (or underwear waist band).

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Q: Are back dimples real
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Did Nicki Minaj get surgery on her fake dimples?

that is her real dimples

Does Robert Pattinson have dimples?

rob has one dimple on his cheek and back dimples... Kristen have back dimples too

What does it mean if you have dimples on what if your back?

it isant dimples its dents it means ur shape of ur back

What does it mean if you have those 2 dimples on your back above your butt?

If you have back dimples it means our skinny. It doesn't mean your fat but your the perfect size the way you are.

Can piercing your lower back dimples make them more pronounced?

no..usually girls get them if they dont have any back dimples

How much is it to pierce your back dimples?

Usualy for a dermal its $50

A real golf ball has?

Dimples. A brand name, ball type and number.

What do dimples on a girls lower back mean?

Highly sexually motivated.

How do you get dimples on lower back?

because that is were the male puts his thumbs when they have sex

What is the real name of abbie in mara Clara?

Dimples Romana

What is the phenotype of an individual with one allele for dimples and one for no dimples?

This would depend on whether the allele for dimples is dominant or recessive. If the allele for dimples is dominant and the no dimples allele is recessive then the phenotype of the individual would be dimpled. If the allele for no dimples is dominant and the allele for no dimples is recessive then the dimples will not be expressed. If these alleles are codominant then the dimples will be expressed but not as much as in an individual who has both alleles for dimples.

What does it mean when you have back dimples?

You are gaining weight or you have loss of muscule.