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kerri strugs coach was Bela Karoyli

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Q: 1996 olympic gymnastics coach of kerri strug?
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How old was kerri strug when she started gymnastics?

she was 5 years old when kerri strug started gymnastics

Who won womens gymnastics with a foot injury?

Kerri Strug

How old is Kerri Strug?

Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug is 40 years old (birthdate: November 19, 1977).

Who was carried off the mat by her coach after her vault in the Olympics?

Carrie strug

What is Kerri Strug famous for?

she was famous for her gymnastics done so well!

Who was the female olympic gymnast who hurt her leg?

Her name was Kerri Strug. If you mean the US Gymnast in the 1996 Olympic Games who hurt her leg on the vault.

What is the birth name of Kerri Strug?

Kerri Strug's birth name is Kerri Allyson Strug.

Where does Kerri Strug live?

Kerri Strug lives in arizona

What did Kerri Strug do during the 1996 Olympics?

Kerri Strug was a gold medalist gymnast! (:

When was Kerri Strug born?

Kerri Strug was born on November 19, 1977.

What is Kerri Strug's birthday?

Kerri Strug was born on November 19, 1977.

How tall is Kerri Strug?

Kerri Strug is 4' 8 1/2".