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Ben Johnson

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Q: Who was the olympic sprinter who was stripped of his gold medal in Seoul 1988?
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Who was stripped of their 100m gold medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics?

Ben Johnson

Who created the 1988 summer olympic medal?

seoul made the medle

Has the Netherlands Antilles ever won olympic medal?

Netherlands Antilles has won one Olympic medal, a silver by Jan Boersma in men's sailboard sailing at the 1988 Games in Seoul.

Which German sportsmen or sportswomen have won medals at the Olympic Games?

Steffi Graf, Seoul Olympics, 1988. Olympic Gold Medal, Tennis.

What Jamaican-Born Canadian was stripped of his 100 meters gold medal after he won it at the 1988 Olympic games?

Benjamin Johnson :-)Benjamin Johnson was stripped of his gold medal after he was tested positive for drugs in 1988.

Who will receive the 2000 Sydney Olympic bronze medal that was taken from Lance Armstrong?

Abraham Olano (Spain) will be awarded the Olympic Bronze Medal if Lance Armstrong is stripped of his medal for doping.It would be his second Olympic Medal after he won a Silver in the Men's Individual time trial behind the legendary Miguel Indurain at the Atlanta Games.

Irish equestrian stripped of his 2004 olympic gold medal for show jumping due to drug offences?

Cian O'Connor.

Which year did Table tennis become an olympic sport?

Table Tennis became an Olympic sport in 1988 at Seoul, when Yoo Nam Kyu won the gold medal for men's singles.

What Olympic medals did Marc burns win?

Sprinter Marc Burns of Trinidad and Tobago has won 1 Olympic medal ... a silver in men's 4x100 meter relay at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Who is the worlds quickest sprinter?

Usain Bolt from Jamaica is the current worlds record holder and 2008 Olympic gold medal recipient in the 100m dash.

40 meter dash world record?

marice greene with 4.01an olympic sprinter that was in Athens and won a bronze medal in the 100 meter dash.

Has Colin Jackson ever won an olympic gold medal?

Yes ... Colin Jackson of Great Britain won a silver medal in men's 110 meter hurdles at the 1988 Games in Seoul.

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