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John S. Sullivan

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2011-06-16 12:24:55
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Q: Who was the first widely popular professional boxer?
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Who was the first popular professional boxer?

John S. Sullivan

Who was the first professional female boxer?

The first professional female boxer was from the United States, and her name was Cathy Davis. She is the only female boxer to ever appear on the cover of Ring Magazine.

When were boxer briefs invented?

They first became widely available in 1993

How can you become a professional boxer?

I'd learn to spell it first!

What boxer gave Muhammad his first professional loss?

bill gates or... Jason manford

What professional boxer has the most first round knockouts?

Type your answer here... shannon briggs with 30

Name the first black professional-athlete.?

The first black pro athlete was Bill Richmond. He was a boxer and began in 1777.

Who did boxer ricky hatton fight in his first professional bout?

Colin McAuley - 10 September 1997

How much does a professional boxer get paid for his first fight?

Anywhere around $250 - $500 since their popularity is so low.

What professional boxer won his first fight by decision then won his next fifty fights by KO?

It was not 50, it was 43 or 44, depending on the source you go by. LaMar Clark is the boxer your looking for.

When did boxer dogs come to America?

The first Boxer in America was in 1904 but it was extremely rare and only a very small number were imported, it only became widely known and increased in numbers after World War 2 which ended in 1945.

When was the swing dance first made?

Swing became popular in th late 1920s, evolving out of the partnered Charleston dance that was widely popular.

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