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The Captain...Mark Messier

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2010-02-19 22:09:19
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Q: Who was the first player to captain two different NHL championship teams?
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Who was the first Indian player to captain an English county team?

Nassier Hussein is the first Indian player to captain an English country team.

Who has won championship as player and manager?

Kevin Keegan won the First Division (now known as the championship) with Newcastle as a player and as a manager.

Who is Detroit redwing's captain?

Nicklas Lidstrom, who is also the first European-born captain to lead a team to a Stanley Cup championship (2007-2008).

First black player to win the NBA championship?

Earl Lloyd is the first African-American player to win an NBA championship in 1955. He played for the Syracuse Nationals and they defeated the Fort Wayne Pistons.

Who was the first Captain Kirk?

The first Captain Kirk was William Shatner however the pilot "The Cage" had a different Captain, Christopher Pike played by Jeffery Hunter.

Who is the first NFL player to play in six championship games?

Mike Lodish

What player gets the stanley cup first?

The captain of the winning team.

Who is captain of Indian hockey team 2010?

Sardar Singh was the captain in 2010. He was first captained in 2008 though, and was the youngest player to captain an indian team.

Who was first lawn tennis player to win the Wimbledon championship for five year consecutively?


Who was the first black tennis player to win a major men's singles championship?

arthur ashe

When was FIRST Championship created?

FIRST Championship was created in 1992.

Which player did Fabio Capello make captain for his first game in charge?

david beckam

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