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Nassier Hussein is the first Indian player to captain an English country team.

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Q: Who was the first Indian player to captain an English county team?
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Which Indian Football Player played for English Club Side 'Bury FC'?

The only Indian to play to play for the english football Bury for a very short time indeed was the Indian captain Baichung Bhutia.

Who is captain of Indian hockey team 2010?

Sardar Singh was the captain in 2010. He was first captained in 2008 though, and was the youngest player to captain an indian team.

Who is first Indian player to play English Premier League?

There is no Indian footballer who has played in the English premier league

Who is the richest cricket player in the world?

i think Indian captain MS Dhoni is the richest cricket player in the world.

Who is the captain of Indian womens team T20?

Mithali Raj

Is Dhanraj Pillay the famous player of India?

Yes, Dhanraj Pillay was the Captain of Indian Hockey Team.

Richest cricket player?

MS Dhoni, Captain of Indian Cricket Team and Chennai Super KIngs is the World Richest Cricket Player.

Who is Liverpool football clubs most capped English player?

Steven Gerrard! Liverpool Captain.

Who is the highest paid player in English league?

It is John Yerry the Chelsea captain with 150,000 pounds.

Richest cricket player in world?

MS Dhoni, Captain of Indian Cricket Team and Chennai Super KIngs is the World Richest Cricket Player.

Who was the captain of Indian cricket team of under 19 World Cup tournament who was also a Ranji team player in 2006-2007 for Delhi?

Vijay Zol was the Indian cricket team captain for under-19 in 2006 - 2007 who was also a Ranji team player in 2006-2007 for Delhi.

Which Indian football player have participated in olympic and also captain ranaji trophy cricket team for stat?

chuni goswami

What famous soccer player wears 26?

John Terry captain of Chelsea in the English Premier League

Who is the only soccer player to captain the same team in all four english leagues?

richard naylor

Which Israeli soccer player plays for English premier league?

He is their captain Yossi Benayouin,who plays for Arsenal.

Which Indian player was rusticated and sent back during the 1936 English tour?

Lala Amernath

Who is India's first captain in one day internationals?

Ajit Wadekar is a former Indian international cricket player. He was the first Indian one day international team captain. He captained Indian team in its first ODI match in a tour of England in 1974. He played only two ODi matches in that tour and retired from cricket subsequently.

Who is the captain of the St Louis Cardinals?

No Cardinals player is officially the captain

Why isn't Sachin Tendulkar captain of India?

Because he is a very good player and good player's never be the captain.

What college did NFL player Captain Munnerlyn play for?

NFL player Captain Munnerlyn played for South Carolina.

How much does NFL player Captain Munnerlyn weigh?

NFL player Captain Munnerlyn weighs 195 pounds.

What is Samuel Day?

Samuel Day was an English Cricket player for the county of Kent and a footballer for England. He was born in 1878 and died in 1950.

Who has won the English top league as player or manager with 2 different clubs?

Brian Clough Derby County & Nottingham Forest

Should an injured player be a captain?


How is captain named in football?

if the football player is good it means he has a chance to be captain.